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Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) is an approach to overseeing all aspects of manufacturing processes with an emphasis on informed decision-making, effective planning, efficient operations, and quality management. Achieving these objectives relies on the ability to eliminate uncertainties and errors and optimize resources to maintain consistency across the entire supply chain.

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For effective manufacturing operations management, it helps to visualize the organizational “big picture.” Are all operational units receiving and sharing the right information and data in a timely fashion for optimal productivity? One way to achieve this objective is to establish a closed-loop paradigm where comprehensive, real-time data is readily available to all relevant stakeholders. The core of this closed-loop process is a strategic model based on effective collaboration.

Why is Manufacturing Operations Management Necessary?

Given the growing complexity of manufacturing operations with the large amounts of data companies collect and process, automating manufacturing operations management is not only helpful, it’s necessary for keeping pace with the fast-moving manufacturing industry.

When business units are isolated and communication is random and disconnected, they often experience production delays and wasted resources from misaligned supply chain management. For example, if a production process changes, the modifications often need to be approved, tested, documented, and reported. To prevent prolonged production delays, the people involved need immediate access to the most current data in order to make the necessary changes and quickly distribute the required documentation and reports.

Let MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution Empower You

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution provides a comprehensive view of all business units in your organization. It also automates and streamlines critical aspects of your operation for more efficient production management and quality control.

Improve Communication – Ensure that all relevant stakeholders receive vital information and data. This fosters consistency with communication and operational procedures and prevents errors and duplicated information.

Bridge Gaps Between Technology and People - Avoid departmental silos and disconnected communication issues by gaining a holistic view of your operations, merging machine and human performance data all in one convenient interface.

Have More Confidence with Decision-Making - All data collected and stored is up-to-date, traceable, and easily accessible. Stakeholders are able to make more informed decisions regarding production planning, equipment maintenance schedules, risk management, change control, and resource management.

Optimize Workflows – Automating critical manufacturing functions closes gaps in supply chain processes, accelerates production cycle times, and streamlines workflows, resulting in higher quality and customer satisfaction.

Standardize Processes – Automating processes eliminates guesswork and variations that can result in costly oversights, unplanned downtime, and production delays.

Streamline Documentation Processes – Generate accurate, customizable documents such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), batch records, product history records, and work-in-progress reports.

Escalate Quality – Drive continuous improvement with all aspects and phases of manufacturing operations management, building quality into the manufacturing process.

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution streamlines your manufacturing operations management, which enables your organization to be more agile with production variations, interruptions, and equipment malfunctions.

For more information about MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution, contact a MasterControl representative.

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