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Electronic Batch Record (EBR) Software Systems

Paper-based systems are undermining today's manufacturers. Improve efficiency and ensure compliance by digitizing and integrating your batch record processes.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, accountability is a critical part of quality management and FDA compliance. Batch records and other types of manufacturing documentation demonstrate that accountability by providing proof of proper handling for every step of the production process, a requirement of FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations. Digitizing, integrating and automating batch record processes with MasterControl Electronic Batch Records™ (EBR) removes the documentation burden from quality and manufacturing teams while improving product quality and key performance metrics.

MasterControl Electronic Batch Records™ (EBR)

Remove the documentation burden and realize measurable results.


Going Paperless Is an Imperative


Most manufacturers want to go fully paperless, but they struggle to realize that goal even with an arsenal of enterprise software solutions at their disposal. Learn what it takes to digitize the factory floor once and for all.


MasterControl Electronic Batch Records Software in Action


MasterControl EBR contains the tools you need to create complete and compliant batch records. With its robust functionality and simple configuration, the EBR system meets your company's unique needs now and in the future.


The ROI of Manufacturing Technology


If you aren't measuring the results of your new manufacturing technology, you won't know the real impact it's having on product quality and site performance. Learn the metrics you should be tracking and how to use the data.


EBR Resources for Pharma Companies


It can be hard to know where to start with digital transformation, but having access to the right information helps. This toolkit provides a collection of resources to assist you in making informed decisions about digitizing your batch records.

How Can MasterControl EBR Software Benefit You?


Digitized Documents

MasterControl EBR enables 100% paperless manufacturing by digitizing batch record documents and workflows, eliminating time-consuming and costly issues caused by data entry errors and manual processes.


Automated Compliance

The system performs data integrity checks, automates calculations and enforces required actions, ensuring all steps are carried out in sequence and no data or signatures are missing, ever.


In-Line Quality

Eliminate friction between quality and manufacturing by connecting all enterprise systems and quality processes, correlating production data with deviations, nonconformances and complaints in real time.

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The Competitive Advantage of Going Paperless

MasterControl EBR is making paperless production a reality for manufacturing companies across all industries. See how one contract manufacturer is going all-in on digital transformation with the help of MasterControl's electronic batch records software – and experiencing real results.


Real Impact to the Metrics That Matter

From reducing errors to accelerating product release, MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence delivers immediate, measurable value to your business.

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