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Production Operations Management Integrations

In simple terms, the production operation of an organization is the business unit that produces the products of that organization. When it comes to production operations management, the processes are not always simple. Operations management involves effectively combining various resources and interrelated management activities in a controlled manner. The objective is to produce the right quantity of products that are the right level of quality at the right time and at the right cost.

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Using Technology in Production Operations Management

Organizations that implement technology in operations management have experienced measurable improvements in efficiency and cost reductions. Automating production tasks reduces hands-on intervention, which significantly reduces errors, duplicated efforts, redundant information, and losses due to defects. In particular, an operations management software solution helps with:

  • Quality Control

    The aim of quality control is the assurance of optimal quality in all production output. This is achieved through prompt quality inspections, identifying and preventing defects at the source, and controlling manufacturing variations during production.

  • Materials Management

    Effective materials management requires a strategic approach with acquisition, control, and optimization of production materials. Accomplishing this objective involves using technology to simplify materials management tasks, such as inventory control, transport, workflow planning, and vendor management.

  • Maintenance Management

    The efficient operation of equipment and machinery is critical to production. The primary objectives with equipment maintenance are optimal performance and minimal downtime at the lowest possible cost.

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Characteristics of effective production operations management

The approach to production operations management is an important factor in an organization’s ability to function economically. Significant effort has been, and continues to be devoted to developing techniques that optimize planning, organizing, and controlling activities to achieve more economical efficiency in manufacturing.

  1. Production is an organized activity so every production unit has an objective.

  2. Production units do not operate in isolation from other organizational entities.

  3. Communication and feedback regarding production activities must flow in all directions throughout the organization.

  4. Efficient usage of resources and labor will generate favorable productivity.

  5. The ability to access and share relevant data provides the ability to measure productivity against objectives, make functional improvements, and improve operational efficiency.