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What Is Manufacturing Resource Planning?

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) software can provide critical insight into the requirements, availability, and usage of resources during complex manufacturing processes. This software can automate common scheduling and reporting activities, freeing you and your team to focus more on the task at hand. It also provides more advanced analytic and forecasting tools that can drive long-term cost savings and more competitive delivery timelines, whether implemented on its own or as part of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite.

Bridging the Gap: Manufacturing Software and the Paperless Imperative

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Manufacturing resource planning is a set of tools and techniques used to manage, monitor, and control resources used in manufacturing processes. Also known as manufacturing requirements planning, MRP II emerged in the 1980s, growing out of earlier material resource planning (MRP) methodologies.

As its name implies, MRP focused primarily on material resources (e.g., equipment, ingredients, and physical components); by contrast, MRP II takes advantage of improved computing power and database systems to track different kinds of resources and provide better tools for production managers to schedule, forecast, budget, and review the production process.

Features of Manufacturing Resource Planning Software

Manufacturing resource planning software incorporates MRP II principles and practices into an onsite, cloud-based, or SaaS solution. Today, the resources and tools described by MRP II are included as part of a comprehensive ERP software suite.

At its core, these software solutions track and aggregate data on resources before and during manufacturing. This data may be collected from other interfaces, such as ERP or shop floor control software, or input directly from spreadsheets or manual logs. The software uses this information to:

  • Track material resources. Incorporate earlier MRP functionality, including aggregation of bill of materials (BOM) requirements and tracking of material inventories, supporting more efficient planning, purchasing, and production activities.
  • Support master production schedule development. The availability of resources—and the lead time required to assemble or procure them—is a major determinant of your master production schedule. MRP II software can surface these requirements and data during the schedule development process.
  • Generate reports, dashboards, and summaries. MRP II solutions are concerned not only with data collection, but with representing this information in the formats that are most helpful for your use cases. Detailed reports can be executed at regular intervals, while dashboards give you at-a-glance access to real-time resource data, informing your decision-making process throughout production.

Who Should Use Manufacturing Resource Planning Software?

While any company can benefit from improved material requirement planning processes, a robust approach to resource planning based on MRP II principles is especially important for production engineers who are working on highly complex manufacturing processes that incorporate multiple subassemblies, components, and bill of materials (BOM) requirements.

Organizations who are required to follow legal regulations and industry-specific current good practices (cGxP) will benefit from manufacturing resource planning software that streamlines or automates common forecasting, scheduling, and purchasing activities.

MasterControl’s Solution

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence solutions are ideal for companies who are beginning their smart manufacturing and digital transformation journeys. Our solutions easily integrate with your company’s existing ERP, MES, or MOM, providing critical benefits not found in existing systems, including:

  • Easy-to-use UI. Other solutions may provide MRP II tools, but gate this functionality behind an arcane user interface that limits adoption and effectiveness. We offer products with a modern, streamlined interface that’s easy to use and master.

  • Adaptable MaaS Implementation. We provide a cloud-based, management as a service (MaaS) solution that’s easy to implement as a standalone or add-on solution. MasterControl’s Integration Services team can help you create the reports, forms, and tracking protocols best-suited to your company and industry requirements.

  • Integrated QEM. Often, companies use separate systems for quality event management (QEM) and production. This disconnect can make it hard for the QA team to communicate quality issues to the production team and, conversely, can also limit production’s ability to inform QA when they’ve taken necessary corrective or preventive actions (CAPAs). Manufacturing Excellence solutions can integrate with MasterControl CAPA™, making communication easier and strengthening both your QEM and production processes.

  • Electronic documents. Compared to manual resource tracking and validation processes, which are time-consuming and error-prone, our manufacturing resource planning solutions give you the power to create electronic forms that can be filled out and reviewed on mobile and desktop devices.

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To find out more about MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence and how it can support your manufacturing resource planning software needs, please contact a MasterControl representative.

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