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  • Image of a life science professional using AI chatbots.

    Leveraging AI Chatbots in Microsoft Teams and Slack to Enhance GxP Compliance

    AI chatbots can serve as information flow conductors, offering real-time assistance, streamlining processes, and ensuring regulatory adherence effortlessly. Botable CEO Greg Waldstreicher examines how companies can enhance GxP compliance, reduce human error, and foster a culture of continuous improvement by integrating AI chatbots into their quality management practices.

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  • Life science professionals using predictive analytics to review documents.

    Applying Predictive Analytics to Document Review Outcomes

    While few organizations have been able to gain deeper visibility into their quality systems, many are overlooking a key path to more meaningful insights. OQSIE’s Jaime Velez examines the increasingly important role of document reviews and the potential they have to transform quality management processes.

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  • 2022-bl-logbooks_132x132

    Boosting Life Science Manufacturing Efficiency With Electronic Logbook Software

    Novel technologies are propelling manufacturers into a new era of digital record-keeping and fully connected facilities. Discover how modern electronic logbook software is enabling more accurate data capture, flexibility in log management, and seamless integration between key systems.

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  • Life science professional using AI for quality control processes.

    Embracing AI to Enhance Quality Control

    Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword in life sciences manufacturing – it’s a promising new tool that’s optimizing quality control efforts. In this blog post, West Monroe partner Steven Lupo examines how AI is being used to increase inspection accuracy and extract new operations insights while reducing the cost of both.

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  • Image of MasterControl’s digital maturity model.

    Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Breaking Down Silos With Connected QMS and MES

    Even though connecting QMS and MES breaks down data silos and drastically improves quality, manufacturers are slow to adopt of modern digital tools. A recent MasterControl webinar presented a strategy that bridges the digital gap and unlocks efficiency gains.

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  • Image of a life science professional using IoT and connected manufacturing processes on their laptop.

    Transforming Shop Floor Operations With IoT

    The manufacturing world is shifting to a connected, automated future. In this blog post, Elemental Machines founder Sridhar Iyengar examines how internet of things (IoT) technology is helping to set new standards for integrated operations, driving significant ROI and compliance benefits for life sciences manufacturing companies.

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  • MasterControl Logo

    New FDA Lab Test Regulations: A Breakdown and Why Compliance Software Is Your New Best Friend

    FDA is expanding its oversight of laboratory developed tests. Find out when the changes are rolling out, what they’ll mean to you, and how to adapt to the new requirements.

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  • Life science manufacturing professional using AI and machine learning to automate robot.

    Exploring AI and Machine Learning Beyond Large Language Models in Manufacturing

    If you think AI is just chatbots and language models, think again. FojiSoft CEO Mitchell Hirsche explains why there's a whole lot more to AI, and how it's going to change the manufacturing industry forever.

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  • Life science professional using virtual reality training.

    Making Virtual Reality a Component of Your GxP Compliance Training Curriculum

    Training employees to perform complex processes is a challenge, especially when they’re working in regulated environments. Oberon Technologies VP Joe Jenkins explains why adding virtual reality (VR) training to your existing instructor-led and computer-based training programs can equip your organization to better handle ongoing workforce and GxP compliance training challenges.

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  • Image of a female life sciences professional working on process automation with eQMS

    Simplifying Complexity Through Process Improvement and Digitization

    Today’s life sciences manufacturers can achieve simplicity – the ultimate sophistication – by implementing efficient and streamlined processes and coupling them with customized technological solutions. Enterey Vice President Ryan Coughlin recommends three steps to help organizations simplify complex processes.

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  • Life science professional using eQMS software on their laptop.

    Cutting Costs and Enhancing Quality: The Business Case for eQMS

    A properly configured electronic quality management system (eQMS) can simplify compliance, improve record keeping, and make your company more competitive. So why do some companies still manage quality processes manually? DGD Solutions President David Davis examines the business case for making the leap to digital quality.

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  • Image of MasterControl digital logbook software

    Digital Innovations Signal the Future of Logbook Management

    Are you ready for an easier and more accurate way to manage logbooks? Find out why modern logbook software is much more than just “paper on glass” – it’s a revolution in production efficiency.

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  • MasterControl’s webinar on integrated QMS and EBR systems together in pharma manufacturing.

    Embracing Digital Maturity: The Transformative Power of eQMS and EBR in Pharma Quality Management

    A recent MasterControl webinar explored how eQMS and EBR systems transform pharma quality management. The presenters examined how integrating eQMS and EBR data across systems helps companies achieve higher levels of digital maturity, giving them a competitive advantage through faster production and smarter decision-making. Discover how these digital tools boost efficiency, improve data integrity, and accelerate time-to-market.

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  • 2023-bl-gxp-lifeline-pharma-contract-manufacturing_132x132

    3 Things to Look for in a Pharma Contract Manufacturing Partner

    Contract manufacturers serve a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry, but it’s hard to select one that best fit your needs. Here are three tips for selecting pharma contract manufacturing partners that will help you achieve your business goals.

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  • 2022-bl-gxp-lifeline-supply-chain-management_132x132

    Optimizing Pharma CMO Supply Chains: 3 Steps to Boost Flexibility

    Contract manufacturers in the pharma industry can count on one thing: the inevitability of supply chain disruptions. But reacting appropriately to destabilizing events requires a great deal of flexibility – a trait that’s difficult for most companies to develop. Learn three steps pharma CMOs and CDMOs can take to optimize supplier management by enhancing the flexibility of and visibility into their supply chains.

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  • 2020-bl-5-w-of-quality-agreements_132x132

    Quality Agreements With Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)

    To maintain a competitive edge, companies in the life sciences are increasingly reliant on contract manufacturing partners. From the FDA’s perspective, these partnerships mean that both product owners and their contractors are responsible for cGMP compliance. Learn how CMO quality agreements help both parties uphold compliance.

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  • Image of a medical device manufacturing professional on a laptop.

    3 Steps to Cybersecurity Compliance: Simplifying the Latest FDA Draft Updates to Section 524B

    The cybersecurity of medical devices has never been more critical. Following these three key steps will help you ensure alignment with the FDA’s expectation for medical device cybersecurity compliance.

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  • Picture of two life science professionals standing using generative AI quality management software.

    How Generative AI Streamlines GxP Compliance in Life Sciences

    Generative AI is transforming the life sciences landscape and having a significant impact on GxP compliance efforts. In this blog post, Acumen Analytics CEO Kathleen Brunner examines the critical role AI is playing in redefining industry standards and changing the way companies approach compliance.

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  • Quality management professionals using a quality management software and pointing at a computer screen.

    Improving User Adoption With a Quality Management System

    Poor user adoption is often the biggest barrier companies face when implementing new software. If you’re implementing a new quality management system (QMS) solution, eQMS Consulting’s Melissa Leygan has five tips for encouraging user adoption.

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  • Statistics on using AI in quality management and manufacturing

    Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Quality and Manufacturing Professionals

    Artificial intelligence applications are taking the world by storm, but what are their practical applications in life sciences manufacturing? Read the results of MasterControl’s survey of more than 100 quality and manufacturing professionals who identified which AI tools would benefit them most.

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