Pharmaceutical Industry

Over 400 pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on MasterControl to connect the quality data, documents and processes that drive their innovation-accelerating efficiencies and actionable insights.

The MasterControl Product Lifecycle Excellence platform provides a single source of truth for product quality data across your entire enterprise and wider ecosystem. It helps ensure that all teams working in drug development, clinical, regulatory, quality, supplier, manufacturing and postmarket functions can access the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

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Connecting Quality: Development to Clinical Trials

Documents and data begin to flow and grow from discovery and throughout the rigors of clinical trials. MasterControl lets you effectively manage and leverage data, whether it’s study data or any other information needed for drug approval. It provides real-time visibility and seamless tracking, organization and storage of documents and data from discovery through clinical trials and beyond.


Connecting Quality: Submission to Regulatory Approval

Quality-related data continues to flow from clinical trials through regulatory approval. The efficient capture and organization of dossier content can be the difference between being a first to market or “me too” product. MasterControl regulatory information management (RIM) lets you integrate documents and data in a single source of truth to streamline the preparation and handling of submissions.


Connecting Quality: Manufacturing Scaleup to Postmarket — and Beyond

Upon approval, your ability to get manufacturing up and running is critical to jumpstarting product commercialization. Quality-related processes like batch records, audits and deviations generate tons of data in these phases. MasterControl’s unified platform lets you automate the collection and management of quality data and proactively use it to bring your life-changing products to market faster.

Over 400 Pharma and Biotech Companies Around the World Rely on MasterControl!

Three Key Advantages of MasterControl


Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology is a necessity for pharma companies. Without its speed and versatility, they can’t compete. Our cloud solutions include expert teams and tools that make your cloud transition seamless.


Flexible & Effective Framework

MasterControl’s Product Lifecycle Excellence Solutions automate all documents- and forms-based processes, connects quality activities, and stores all documents and data in a central location.


Mobile Access

Users can access documents and perform tasks from anywhere using a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Mobile connectivity gives users more flexibility and helps boost overall efficiency and productivity.

Solutions That Enable The Pharma Industry


MasterControl Development Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Clinical Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Regulatory Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Quality Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Supplier Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Postmarket Excellence™ Solution

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