CAPA Management Software

MasterControl's Corrective Actions - CAPA Software Systems are designed for Automating the CAPA Process in any Enterprise

Performing corrective and preventive action (CAPA) is an essential part of maintaining compliance with FDA regulations and ISO standards. Effective CAPA management is vital for improving quality, but many companies fall short in this area. CAPA management software is the best way to complete CAPA processes in order to improve product quality and safety.

Turning CAPA Challenges Into Solutions


Automated Processes

Automating CAPA processes to avoid bottlenecks and automatically escalating issues when necessary.


Enabled Form Launch

Integrating other aspects of quality with CAPA, so a CAPA form can be launched from a customer complaint, nonconformance, audit, etc.


Integrated Quality System

Integrating CAPA with the rest of the quality system to automatically initiate any needed changes or training.


Reporting Capabilities

Providing oversight of the entire CAPA along with analytical capabilities for detecting related issues and improving overall quality management.

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