Improve Performance with
Manufacturing Excellence

Bridge the Gap Between Quality and Line Performance

The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution digitizes and automates your production records so you can drive perfect order performance, equipment effectiveness, and time-to-ship—improving line performance and quality simultaneously.


Electronic Batch Records

Digitize batch records to improve data integrity, automate calculations and sampling processes, enforce required actions, and integrate with quality management, enterprise resource, and manufacturing execution systems.

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Meet Wellington

This contract manufacturer is going all-in on manufacturing excellence.

Why? Because it means peace of mind for customers. Follow along as Wellington Foods transforms its batch record process with MasterControl EBR, and the competitive advantages that come with going paperless.


Built For:

MxManufacturing Excellence Suite

Electronic Batch Records (EBR)

Electronic Device History Records (eDHR)

Equipment Calibration

Equipment Maintenance


MasterControl Platform

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