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Use of Manufacturing Training Software for ISO Compliance

Most general manufacturers worldwide adhere to ISO quality standards to help them compete in the global market and ensure product safety. ISO 9001, the most widely used quality standards for general manufacturers, calls for the implementation and documentation of employee training as part of the quality management system. The use of manufacturing training software greatly facilitates compliance with ISO training requirements. To remain competitive, companies are increasingly automating their manufacturing training systems with the help of manufacturing training software.

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Manufacturing Training Software Can IntegrateTraining With Quality

What’s the connection between personnel training and product quality? Under ISO standards, employee training is key to maintaining high-quality products because product quality depends to a large extent on the people who make them. Using manufacturing training software as part of a company’s general manufacturing system makes it easier to integrate the training process with the overall quality system, making personnel training and quality complementary.

In many cases, deviations in the manufacturing process and the general manufacturing system stem from inadequate training. It is not uncommon to find CAPAs that call for appropriate training or re-training of employees to address deviations. Connecting the deviation and CAPA processes with the manufacturing training system is another reason why manufacturers use manufacturing training software.

Use of Manufacturing Training Software to Address ISO 9001 Requirements

ISO 9001 requires general manufacturers to demonstrate personnel competence and to show that they know how to perform their duties within company and industry guidelines. How can general manufacturers demonstrate to an ISO auditor that their employees have the appropriate education and training?

A company’s quality manufacturing training system should be able to show proper documentation and training records for all essential personnel during audits and inspections. The larger the company, the more voluminous the documentation could be. It’s one of the reasons that many manufacturers utilize manufacturing training software as part of their quality management and general manufacturing systems. They typically use it in addition to any general manufacturing software they might utilize.

Another reason for automating a manufacturing training system with the use of manufacturing training software is to facilitate the identification, evaluation, and tracking of training requirements of employees whose jobs have a direct impact on product quality.

Documenting results of training exams is also a good way to show ISO auditors that a company’s manufacturing training system is compliant. By using manufacturing training software, a company can readily compile employee training records and generate reports that will show the number of employees who have completed their training successfully and passed their training exams.

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Training Software and ISO Compliance

MasterControl’s manufacturing training software provides a rigorous training control process that can be integrated with general manufacturing systems pertaining to quality management. MasterControl Training automates and streamlines paper-based or hybrid manufacturing training systems and addresses ISO quality requirements. Specifically, MasterControl’s manufacturing training software helps achieve the following:

Increased Efficiency: By automating a company’s manufacturing training system with the use of MasterControl’s manufacturing training software, the process for routing, tracking, escalation, and approval of training tasks will be faster and more effective. MasterControl provides a centralized, web-based repository for all training documents, so both users and auditors will find all the documents they need in one place. The system also offers the capability to provide online exams, group sign off for companies that train large groups, and progressive training for automatic sequencing of training tasks.

Provides Connectivity: General manufacturing systems pertaining to quality management typically exist separately from training manufacturing training systems. With MasterControl’s manufacturing training software, both systems can be connected for a holistic approach to quality management and compliance. Unlike other general manufacturing software, MasterControl has the capability to connect all quality processes under a single platform.

Increased Visibility During Audits: A key advantage of using MasterControl’s manufacturing training software is the ability to easily show all critical documentation and records during audits, including exam results and personnel training records. MasterControl’s manufacturing training system also provides management with the ability to see any training gaps or issues with the help of advanced analytics and reporting features.

Improved Communication: MasterControl’s manufacturing training software improves overall communication by automating tracking and follow-up of training tasks. When an employee completes a training task, the verifier is also automatically notified. MasterControl’s manufacturing training system gives employees access to their own training records and the ability to create personalized training folders.

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