Recipe Management System

Recipe Management System

Automate batch processes. Improve efficiency. Ease growing pains. A proven recipe management software system can help you do it all.

Recipe variations and substitutions are common in manufacturing settings that rely on batch processes. In fact, they play a vital role in a manufacturer's ability to increase market shares and expand into new markets. The recipe software in the MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution eliminates manufacturers’ manual recipe-related processes and provides smart variant design and variant management functionality.

Bridging the Gap: Manufacturing Software and the New Digital Edge

Recipe management software that lets you do more growing with fewer growing pains.


Recipe Management System Benefits


Intelligent Product Variant Management


Digitized Batch Records

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Ditch Your Manual, Error-Prone Processes

MasterControl gives you the ability to manage recipe changes directly from an electronic master batch template. This doesn’t just reduce documentation – it ensures the integrity of production data as well. The efficiencies gained by digitizing recipe-related processes and configuration management help manufacturers increase cash flow, improve customer satisfaction and effectively scale their business.

Got questions about managing production recipes? We've got answers.

What is recipe management?

In manufacturing, recipe management is the management of the set of instructions or steps needed to operate a machine, combine ingredients or raw materials in a certain way and in certain ratios, or otherwise process the materials to achieve the desired end product. Recipe management can involve any process, equipment or material related step.

What is a recipe management system?

A recipe management system is a software application that manages the complex interactions and processes related to a company’s production recipes. It stores the recipes, manages recipe changes, generates data required for production records, and more.

Don't settle for inexact recipe management.

Make efficient and error-free recipe and variant management your new norm.

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