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Dietary supplements manufacturers follow strict quality guidelines amongst increasing regulatory oversight. Instituting quality processes from R&D through manufacturing and commercialization is imperative to be successful.

The MasterControl product lifecycle excellence platform is designed to help dietary supplement manufacturers automate paper-based quality management and manufacturing production record processes to improve efficiencies and ensure compliance.

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Ensuring Compliance with Federal Regulations

The U.S. Food and Drug Association’s (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulation, 21 CFR Part 111, requires that the proper controls be in place for dietary supplements during manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding operations. The MasterControl Product Lifecycle Excellence solutions helps dietary supplement companies leverage quality and compliance requirements by automating and accelerating quality processes across the enterprise - all on the MasterControl Platform™.


Connecting Quality Throughout the Product Lifecycle

With an integrated quality management system (QMS) that crosses the traditional barriers between quality and manufacturing, you can improve efficiencies and increase product quality across the company. MasterControl’s platform connects processes like document control, training management, corrective actions, along with batch, device history, calibration and maintenance records throughout your product lifecycle.

Dietary Supplement Organizations who Rely on MasterControl

MasterControl Offers Three Key Advantages


Mobile Access

MasterControl allows users to access information and perform tasks using a tablet or a smartphone. Mobile access offers greater flexibility for users and helps boost overall efficiency and productivity.


Cloud Solutions

Leveraging cloud technologies is critical for automating quality processes. Companies without access to its speed and adaptability will struggle to maintain a competitive edge. MasterControl isn't just a cloud-based solution. It’s dedicated teams and specialized tools to help make your implementation simple and your experience seamless.


Flexible and Effective Framework

MasterControl provides an effective framework for a company's quality management system (QMS) by automating all documents- and forms-based processes, connecting all quality processes, and providing a centralized location and single source of truth for all documents and data.

Solutions for the Dietary Supplement Industry


MasterControl Development Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Development Excellence™ ensures that quality is embedded into product development from day one and ensures the right documentation and data flows with your product throughout its entire lifecycle.


MasterControl Clinical Excellence™ Solution


MasterControl Clinical Excellence helps you connect, manage, track, organize and store essential digital quality documents and data for clinical trials.


MasterControl Regulatory Excellence™ Solution


The MasterControl Regulatory Excellence solution integrates content management with device registration and drug submission capabilities to harmonize regulatory and quality processes.


MasterControl Quality Excellence™ Solution


The MasterControl Quality Excellence solution accelerates enterprise quality management and removes the anxiety associated with regulatory inspections and audits to proactively improve quality, accelerate time-to-market and create a sustainable competitive advantage. MasterControl streamlines and automates GxP processes and facilitates effective document control, change control, training management, audits, corrective/preventative action (CAPA), deviations, and other quality and business processes throughout the product lifecycle.


MasterControl Supplier Excellence™ Solution

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The MasterControl Supplier Excellence solution increases visibility while ensuring quality and compliance across the supplier ecosystem - from sourcing through production and post market. MasterControl streamlines supplier management to ensure quality and compliance requirements are consistently fulfilled throughout the supply chain along the product lifecycle. It integrates supplier quality management (SQM) and approved vendor lists (AVL) management while automating document control and change control processes like supplier corrective action requests (SCARs) and supplier approval status.


MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ Solution


The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution helps bridge the paper gap between quality management systems and manufacturing execution systems by automating the labor-intensive last mile of the manufacturing production process. It helps eliminate paper-based production records and manual review cycles by automating the building, execution and review of production records and product family variations. This improves productivity and cycle times and decreases release delays to drive immediate improvement and operational efficiency.


MasterControl Postmarket Excellence™ Solution

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The MasterControl Postmarket Excellence solution allows companies to effectively manage customer complaints and close the quality management loop by automating actionable and intelligent postmarket surveillance as a catalyst for product quality improvement.