Clinical Manufacturing Management

Clinical Manufacturing Management Solutions

Managing a clinical trial is no easy task. At MasterControl, we help life science companies connect, manage, track, organize and store documents, images and other essential digital content as part of their electronic trial master file (eTMF) throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. MasterControl connects clinical operations and clinical quality on a single platform.

The clinical management tools you have always wanted.

Why do clinical operations and quality teams seem to live separate lives?

Clinical studies produce an ever-growing collection of data, activities and relationships that can change dramatically from day to day. That means it’s crucial to maintain indivisible connections between clinical operations and clinical quality. So why are you using disparate operations and quality systems?


Trials Go All-In On Digital

Clinical trials are data and documentation intensive, which means manual, paper-based processes create costly, time-consuming bottlenecks at pivotal junctures in your product development lifecycle. Our Clinical Excellence solution streamlines eTMF management and helps you achieve real-time visibility into critical clinical processes across operational teams – all on one centralized platform.


Trial Master File Management

Efficient, consistent and well-managed clinical processes lead to successful trials. MasterControl’s Clinical Excellence solution digitizes, automates and connects all the documents and artifacts that go into your eTMF. It also helps you orchestrate the management of site protocols, SOPs and reporting across sites to accelerate trials while improving alignment across clinical operations and quality teams.


Operationalize Study Quality

The seamless integration of quality and clinical operations drastically improves outcomes. With MasterControl, you can embed quality processes directly into clinical trials, which enables you to properly manage risk and ensure GCP compliance.

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