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Unify all risk-related activities and documents for efficient and consistent risk management.

MasterControl Risk™ gives you a complete view of your enterprise risk landscape. This includes all product lines, business units, procedures, quality management, document control and more. The risk management software tracking and analysis features let you easily identify and mitigate long-term system, process and product risks.

MasterControl Risk™

A consistent and comprehensive approach to risk management.


Quality Risk Analysis


On-Time Out-of-Specification Reporting


Avoid Risks by Improving Quality Management


Ongoing Risk Awareness

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Maintain an Audit-Ready Status

Agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) help ensure that only quality, safe and effective health care products are available to consumers. The audit management functionality in MasterControl's QMS software ensures you are prepared for audits at all times, which is the fastest way to get products approved and on the market.


Manage Risk With More Precision

MasterControl's risk management software lets you launch risk assessments from anywhere within the MasterControl system. Effectively stay on top of all risks with any process or activity.

Risk and quality management go hand in hand. Get the facts.

What is Quality Risk Management?

In general terms, quality risk management is a set of systematized processes designed to help a manufacturer identify, assess and control the risks to the quality of a product across its life cycle. 

What Is the Relationship Between Risk Management and Quality Management?

Since risk management involves processes of identifying, addressing and eliminating potential failures, there is always some degree of managing risk involved in quality management. An integrated solution can unite risk and quality data within a centralized repository and ensure that all related processes stay connected.

What Are Some Challenges of Risk and Quality Management?

Because quality processes rely on accurate risk analyses, a company's greatest risk and quality management challenge lies in its ability to effectively track, assess, prevent and correct problems. Maintaining an accurate overview of the risk landscape across product lines, business processes and business units is key.

Don't let risks delay product releases.

Avoid risk-related setbacks and get products on the market sooner.

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