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Product lifecycle management (PLM) software that will support your product in every phase of its lifecycle. MasterControl will increase efficiency and ensure compliance in managing a product from research and development to design, manufacturing, and servicing. 

The MasterControl (PLM) can integrate data, processes, business systems and, ultimately, people in an extended enterprise. Our software allows you to manage this information throughout the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively from ideation, design and manufacture through service and disposal.

MasterControl Bill of Materials™ (BOM)

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Use the PLM Software that Addresses Your Unique Needs

MasterControl provides an end-to-end solution for medical device firms, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and other life science organizations and regulated companies. Investing in a robust PLM system is a crucial step you must take to speed up your time to market, as well as to ensure regulatory compliance.

Regulated companies like yours have unique needs and greater challenges compared with other types of companies. Our product managers, industry veterans who have walked your shoes, designed MasterControl software to address the risks of noncompliance.

With MasterControl's integrated solution, you will be able to:

  • Manage all product information throughout its lifecycle using a single and centralized web-based repository with 24/7 access for all authorized users.
  • Automate enterprisewide processes such as document control, training management, CAPA, change control, nonconformances, audit, and customer complaints.
  • Automate all activities related to each process, including task distribution and routing, tracking and follow-up, escalation, and approval
  • Connect all quality and other processes throughout a product's lifecycle under one scalable platform that can grow with your organization over the long haul,
  • Collaborate with different teams regardless of location in a virtual collaboration space. You will be able to give system access to external parties, such as consultants and suppliers, for collaboration purposes.
  • Manage your supplier process efficiently, including supplier qualification, vendor lists, supplier audits and re-certifications, and supplier deviations.
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance, including submissions to FDA, ISO certification audits, and submissions for the purpose of obtaining CE Mark.
  • Improve your risk management process with the right capabilities, including electronic workflows, risk assessment forms, and analytics and reporting tools. You can integrate risk management with your other quality processes.
  • Strengthen and streamline your Bill of Materials (BOM) management with a powerful revision control functionality that will ensure you are using the latest documents for all components in manufacturing.

Hear from our customers

Thomas G.

Reviewed on Capterra

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"The proof really is in front of regulatory agencies such as FDA, Notified Body, TGA, etc where every time I was audited for he functions I managed (Document Control, Training, Change Management, Records Control and HR), I was able to demonstrate controls and compliance over the entire Document, Training and Change Management systems. We've received high remarks from these agencies on system."

Crystal D.

Reviewed on Capterra

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"The customer support from the entire MasterControl group is amazing! The level of service is very high from everyone you interface with, the sales team, the install team, the front-line support team, etc."