What are the main benefits of using electronic logbook software compared to paper-based records?

  • You no longer have illegible, lost, or overly damaged manufacturing logbooks.

  • The timestamp feature ensures data integrity by recording the exact date and time staff capture data.

  • The review by exception lets you simply review exceptions instead of doing line-by-line reviews.

  • You can search and find manufacturing logbook data anytime, from anywhere.

Logbooks Frequently Asked Questions

How can electronic logbook software improve efficiency and productivity in life sciences manufacturing processes?

Electronic logbook software:

  • Eliminates issues common with paper logs, including the need to create deviations due to errors, Illegible handwriting, lost, or unusable logs.

  • Makes it easier to remain compliant with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good documentation practice (GDP) regulations.

  • Ensures data integrity by using electronic data capture and timestamp features.

What should life sciences companies consider when implementing a manufacturing logbook software?

Logbook software should have:

  • Instant traceability and accessibility for maintaining GMP compliance.

  • Timestamp functionality, which is important for ensuring accurate time entries and data integrity.

  • The ability to integrate your logbooks with production records and other enterprise management systems.

What are the key features of MasterControl MES that are most valuable for life sciences manufacturing logbooks?

  • Prevents handwriting errors, missing entries, and logbooks getting lost or damaged.

  • You enter data in a real-time environment, preventing inaccurate entry times as data is timestamped when it is entered.

  • Set up how frequently you want manufacturing logbooks reviewed and verified.

  • Apply roles and permissions to templates and logbooks.

Immunotherapy Developer Goes Fully Paperless

Immunotherapy developer Dendreon deployed MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence. See how the company streamlines batch record review, reduces product review time with review byexception, and delivers right-first-time products on time.

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