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Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), like other brands of ERP solutions, is software that connects a company to other software platforms to manage daily business processes, such as accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing. An ERP the likes of Oracle ERP software allows a manufacturer to share transactional data, eliminate duplication and provides data integrity by functioning as a single repository of aggregated data.

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Prior to the existence of ERP, software developers created a business solution call a Materials Resource System (MRP). The Oracle MRP System gives manufacturers the ability to manage and monitor real-time data about production materials, material schedules and the tracking of materials processed. Tied into an ERP, the data from an Oracle MRP System (and a variety of other related systems) can be tracked and managed from the ERP, which essentially serves as the network hub for your manufacturing and business operations.

How Can ERP and MRP Solutions Benefit You?

Oracle enterprise resource planning manages a manufacturer’s supply chain and operational processes from a single, integrated solution, supporting the Oracle MRP system and related software systems. Oracle’s MRP/ERP helps a company track its supply chain operations and link that data into the ERP to produce financial data about the processes. Oracle ERP software and Oracle MRP system provide decision-makers with the data and information they need to make important informed choices to make manufacturing operations more efficient and effective in getting their products to market.

However, an ERP MRP systems is limited in that it can only provide the functionality to manufacturing supervisors that are within the scope of its individual applications.

Elevate Your Oracle ERP/Oracle MRP With MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence

A linked MRP and ERP system allows your company the ability to centrally monitor core business functions as well as provide you with real-time data about your materials and supply chain processes. However, the demands of the 21st century manufacturing market require greater system efficiencies and more comprehensive real-time production accountability, manufacturing quality and compliance functionality for companies to stay competitive.

MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solutions upgrades your Oracle ERP software and Oracle MRP system to also include these vital functions and performance:

  • Improve manufacturing data integrity and visibility: Fully digitize, integrate and automate your manufacturing information, processes and workflows.
  • Release product to market faster by automating documentation: Automatically generate accurate, compliant and customizable manufacturing documentation such as master batch records, device history records (DHR), production travelers, history records, batch production records (BPR) and more.
  • Optimize production processes in real time: Enhance process visibility and leverage predictive analytics through machine learning systems to quickly adapt to dynamic production and market conditions.
  • Bridge the gap between your technology and your people: Gain a holistic overview of your operations by merging machine and human performance data all in one convenient interface/single access point.
  • Avoid production delays and downtime: Easily identify, troubleshoot and address bottlenecks and quality events such as non-comformances, deviations, out-of-specifications and failed lots.
  • Accelerate your company’s digital transformation: Replace error-prone and costly paper-based documentation practices.

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