Electronic Master Batch Records for Batch Management

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence eliminates the unnecessary costs of Master Batch Records.

Creating a new master batch record MBR for every change to a product’s formulation, recipe, batch size, etc., is inefficient, error-prone, and costly. Electronic batch records EBRs are configurable, so you can duplicate an existing record and make the necessary revisions rather than creating a new one each time. 

EBRs also have global elements. When you make a change, the global element cascades it to all the master templates. Otherwise, you would have to update all the templates individually.

Using EBR software improves batch management by:

• Simplifying version control.

• Streamlining template review and approval.

• Improving data accuracy.

• Increasing accessibility and ability to scale.

Manufacturing Excellence: Unlock Right-First-Time Production with Modern EBR
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