Blood Bank & Clinical Laboratory Training Software Systems

Blood Bank & Clinical Laboratory Training Software Systems By MasterControl for Electronic Employee Training Records Management and Tracking to Comply with CLIA and FDA GMP Regulations to Ensure Job Competency

MasterControl's blood bank and clinical laboratory training software, an integrated part of the MasterControl quality software suite, automates training management processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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MasterControl's blood bank and clinical laboratory training system is an integrated quality management suite, which is a configurable and easy-to-use software solution that helps blood and laboratory establishments attain and sustain CGMP and CGLP compliance. Recognizing that validating a software solution (as required by 21 CFR Part 11) is a necessary component in FDA compliance, MasterControl also offers comprehensive, full-cycle validation services, including IQ, OQ, and PQ validation tests. MasterControl continuously develops new methods to cut the time involved in validating a system and to make it easier to validate software upgrades, both of which are essential in lowering overall validation cost.

MasterControl Laboratory Training Software Provides a Compliant and Collaborative Platform

Laboratories and blood banks exist within an industry where it is necessary to provide timely and error-free services. Since there is no margin for error when dealing with life-or-death activities, compliance with FDA, CLIA, and ISO regulations is crucial for these organizations. To achieve compliance, companies must first establish a proper training program framework to effectively communicate new protocols for procedures. Paper-based or hybrid training systems can’t uphold the level of efficiency that is demanded by modern regulatory standards. To keep pace with evolving practices and competitors, companies must upgrade their training methodology so that employees remain constantly informed about the latest practices that can ensure long-term compliance.

MasterControl laboratory training software can improve existing training systems by eliminating the inefficiencies caused by manually administering, tracking, following up on, and verifying the trainings that are conducted. In organizations with large numbers of employees, it becomes difficult to manage training programs and monitor individual employees’ training status. MasterControl’s laboratory training system is designed to automate the entire training program so that all documents are maintained in a secure, centralized location where they are easily accessible to authorized personnel. MasterControl clinical training laboratory training software even provides online grading of exams to allow trainers to manage the training program without any hassle.

In order to ensure that training program is well coordinated, MasterControl blood bank and clinical laboratory training software systems provide an automat triggers to prompt the next training course to start as soon as the initial course is completed. This same connectivity is also found across various processes that can be easily integrated by MasterControl solutions to facilitate data sharing and communication. Because training programs are a focal point of a quality management system MasterControl laboratory training software provides laboratories, clinics, and blood banks with a collaborative platform for connecting various quality processes together including CAPA, training, non conformance, change requests, etc., so that all processes and departments can share the same data.

Developing Oversight with MasterControl Laboratory Training Software

As discussed above, MasterControl laboratory training software enhances cross-department communication and collaboration between users that ultimately leads to the development of a sound and thorough training program. The core objective of any training program should be to facilitate trainees’ ability to successfully perform their tasks with complete knowledge and technical know-how. Ultimately, this leads companies to attain and sustain compliance without which they cannot continue business.

    MasterControl’s blood bank and clinical laboratory training software system is designed to deliver outstanding training courses that promise to guide trainees through every step of the training. Paper-based systems cannot gauge the need of training for employees nor can they provide accurate and up-to-date statistics of pass or fail scores. However, MasterControl’s blood bank and clinical laboratory software is fully capable of providing such statistics to upper management for internal reference and processing. The advanced analytics and reporting capabilities of the MasterControl system provide online charting to better coordinate trainings. Similarly, management can view various reports that are sorted by certain parameters including job code, dates, etc. Therefore, management is able to develop a profound oversight into the organization’s training programs with the help of MasterControl laboratory training software.

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