Clinical Laboratory Quality Control & Assurance Software Systems

CLIA Compliant Clinical Laboratory Quality Control & Assurance Software Systems to Automate Laboratory Processes.

Like other life science organizations, clinical and medical labs face stringent regulatory requirements that help to ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of test results and other laboratory data. Clinical and medical labs must comply with FDA regulations and the US Department of Health & Human Services' Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). Compliance with FDA regulations and the CLIA amendments can be easily ensured with the implementation and use of MasterControl's clinical laboratory quality control software.

FDA Inspections of Clinical Investigators: Are You Ready?

Attain compliance with GxP standards for your clinical and medical laboratories.

The aim of the MasterControl software is to integrate quality process management and to enable online cross communication between company departments. MasterControl is the leading pioneer in providing web-based solutions to companies that need to streamline their business processes and operations with a single web-based platform.

Clinical laboratory quality assurance software automates, streamlines, and effectively manages document control, change control, training control, audit management, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), customer complaints, and other quality processes. In order to help companies attain FDA compliance, MasterControl’s clinical laboratory quality assurance software provides validation tools and services. 

The entire validation solution is comprised of a combination of products and services that address different levels of validation needs. Organizations can either automate or manually validate their software solutions based on their risk assessment model. MasterControl's validation tools and services dramatically reduce the time involved in validating a system, reducing the risk of project implementation and making it easier to validate software upgrades, all of which help contribute to a lower cost of validation.

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