Clinical Audit Management

Clinical Audit Management

Automating Clinical Audit Management Tasks and Processes can Save Companies an Enormous Amount of Time and Money.

A clinical audit management process requires the expertise of qualified personnel, in addition to the completion of a great deal of systematic and iterative tasks/processes. By nature, a clinical audit is a quality improvement process that ensures proper patient care and derives results through a systematic analysis of processes as measured against explicit criteria. Companies can automate the entire clinical audit process to improve healthcare delivery through MasterControl's unparalleled clinical audit management software.

MasterControl Audit

MasterControl Addresses the Needs of Clinical Audit Management

Data solutions for any business size

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MasterControl Audit is a modular solution, designed to meet the varying needs of both small and midsized companies as well as larger, multi-site organizations. The foundation of any worthwhile clinical audit is built upon the collection of data from different sources such as customers, vendors, and employees. The main requirement of an effective audit is the ability to securely store data that can be retrieved quickly without any hassle.

Search and retrieve required documents

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Paper-based or hybrid systems lack the capability to perform quick searches or retrieve required documents during an audit. MasterControl Audit is ideal for clinical audit management as it provides a centralized online repository for storing records from different sources through secure login credentials. Users can collaborate together through a unified platform for drafting and reviewing documents. As the software ensures that users are only working on the most recent version of any document, auditors can be assured that the latest audit documentation can be retrieved without any difficulty.

Sophisticated regulatory compliance

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Pharmaceutical and other life science companies deal in life-sensitive business. Therefore, it is all the more important for these companies to comply with regulations laid out by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and ISO. Both FDA and ISO provide guidelines for conducting effective audits by closely examining the efficiency of business processes. Companies run the risk of audit setbacks that can lead to noncompliance, which is why precautionary measures must be taken to maintain audit processes in a constant state of readiness.


Transparent Clinical Audit Management with MasterControl Audit

MasterControl Audit offers transparent clinical audit management so that each step of an audit-whether it is an external regulatory review or an internal audit-is monitored and controlled. Auditors are able to review every stage of the audit and deduce findings through MasterControl's advanced (and configurable) tracking and reporting features.

MasterControl's clinical audit management solution also offers state-of-the-art reporting capabilities that allow top level executives to analyze processes and make important decisions regarding the company's future. Auditors can also schedule the audit program to run as per business requirements. The system not only stores audit results for retrieval and analysis, but it makes it possible to simultaneously execute multiple audits on a specific recurrence.

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Automated Clinical Audit Management with MasterControl Audit

MasterControl Audit provides effective clinical audit management for any sized a company. Having an effective, automated audit system helps management alter processes to ensure optimum use of resources. The success of any company lies in effectively implementing changes in processes with minimal negative effects.

MasterControl clinical audit management software allows users to directly launch CAPAs to correct an error in a process and ensure that the same issue does not reoccur. Moreover, the software can be integrated with the MasterControl Training module to prepare employees for newly implemented changes. This ensures that users across the enterprise are strictly following the updated standard operating procedures (SOPs). Eventually, compliance with regulatory requirements is maintained by keeping pace with and adhering to the adapted SOPs.

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