Supplier Scorecard

Supplier Scorecard

Choose the Supplier Scorecard Solution that Rates Suppliers in a Consistent Way Based on Objective Metrics.

Ensuring that suppliers, vendors and other partners maintain an acceptable level of quality, delivery and regulatory compliance can be a daunting task, made more difficult by challenges in collecting supplier performance data and inconsistencies in handling issues. Especially for regulated companies growing their supply chain network, leveraging robust supplier performance scorecard tools in their supplier management strategy is critical to ensure supply continuity, quality and compliance.

MasterControl Supplier Scorecard provides a systematic approach to handling supplier-related quality events and the ability to rate suppliers in a consistent fashion based on objective metrics.

MasterControl Supplier Scorecard™

How MasterControl Supplier Scorecard Can Help You

MasterControl Supplier Scorecard improves the collection and tracking of data throughout the supplier performance scorecard process and the conversion of supplier-performance metrics into a single score.

The solution enables organizations to create permanent records around supplier-related quality events, such as supplier corrective action requests (SCARs), supplier deviations, manufacturing deviations, nonconformances and product variances. MasterControl also facilitates the extraction and score-carding of other performance data in other systems.

MasterControl Supplier Scorecard further identifies the metrics for measuring supplier performance, for each business need, and contains a formula that converts them into a single score. This score serves as the basis for further action, such as scheduling an audit, changing audit frequency or initiating a SCAR.

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