SOP Template - Standard Operating Procedure Template

A standard operating procedure template can help companies create SOPs to manage quality and maintain compliance.

Get free templates and learn from industry practitioners and experts how Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is used as a Compliance Tool. An SOP template can help companies create SOPs to manage quality and maintain compliance. SOP templates are detailed, written instructions for achieving uniformity in the performance of a specific function. Because of the importance of uniformity, a standard operating procedure template is a good starting point for establishing a company's SOPs

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SOP Template and MasterControl

The standard operating procedure template is a document used to describe a standard operating procedure in an organization. A standard operating procedure is a set of guidelines used consistently to dictate a set of actions performed in a given situation.

An effective SOP template allows you to build uniform work instructions that are linked to some type of design, development or assessment tools. These instructions promote consistency, structure and control in the workplace and they meet regulatory requirements of the relevant governing body.

To achieve this consistency and structure, processes must be put in place to ensure that SOPs are:

  • In writing
  • Consistently formatted
  • Reviewed regularly
  • Approved by management
  • Version controlled
  • Indexed
  • Used regularly
  • Archived
  • Document controlled

Each standard operating procedure template should feature:

  • The name of the organization
  • The title of the SOP
  • The purpose of the SOP template
  • The authorization
  • Version number
  • SOP template references
  • Clear instructions
  • A link to the process referenced
  • The date of implementation or the effective date
  • Page number
  • Rationale
  • An identifying number

Importance of Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)Templates

Once you have the standard operating procedure template that meets your needs, and once you begin creating SOPs, it's just as important to manage and maintain them, provide employee training on SOPs, and make sure that any changes to an SOP replaces all previous versions.

In other words, creating a standard operating procedure template and SOPs is only one important aspect of the task. Properly managing a company's SOPs, making sure that they are up to date, and training employees are equally important, and can sometimes get very complicated.

For More Information on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)Templates

For more information about the importance of SOP templates, and how we can help your organization develop an SOP template using the MasterControl Documents™ and MasterControl Process™ solutions, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.