MasterControl API Toolkit™ - Features & Benefits

Application Programming Interface (API) Integrate ERP, CRM, MES, PDM, and Other Electronic Document Repositories with MasterControl Quality System

Companies automate business operations by deploying a variety of software applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and product data management (PDM) applications. FDA-regulated and ISO-certified companies also need quality management software to ensure quality and compliance. There are many connection points between these various applications and their corresponding business operations.

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How can MasterControl API Toolkit™ Benefit You?

MasterControl API Toolkit™ allows companies to integrate MasterControl's robust quality management solutions with other enterprise applications to optimize operations. The API enables the exchange of files and data between MasterControl and other software applications.

Continuous Validation

MasterControl considers validation an integral part of software solutions for FDA-regulated customers. Our ?continuous validation? approach dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validation, making it easier to re-validate future upgrades.

MasterControl's continuum of products and services address different levels of validation needs based on individual risk assessment. They include innovative products and services such as MasterControl Transfer OQ and MasterControl Automated OQ.

Here is how MasterControl addresses the key challenges faced by companies using different enterprise applications:


MasterControl API Toolkit™

Disconnected Processes

Enterprise applications that are disconnected are inherently inefficient because they require extra effort on the part of users to get the most out of these systems.


With MasterControl API Toolkit, existing enterprise applications can be integrated with MasterControl solutions to achieve more powerful functionality and also enhance efficiency.

Prone to Mistakes

Different enterprise applications that don't operate together require interactions by users, such as sending data from one application to another, or creating a new document in one system based on data from another system. The more interactions, the more chances for making mistakes.

Helps Avoid Mistakes

By automating basic interactions necessary for different applications to complement each other, MasterControl helps users avoid common mistakes.

High Cost

A company might have invested a substantial amount on a certain system before realizing its other needs, which cannot be met by the system. To switch systems entirely would mean a loss on the initial investment and additional cost for buying new software.


The MasterControl API Toolkit helps companies leverage their existing systems and keep costs down by allowing them to integrate MasterControl quality applications with existing systems. Companies will be able to take advantage of MasterControl's training, CAPA, change control, customer complaints, audit, nonconformance, and other solutions to complement their existing systems.


MasterControl API Toolkit, a part of the MasterControl integrated quality management suite, is an innovative solution designed to help companies leverage their existing repositories for a holistic, compliant, and cost-effective quality management system.

Receiving Data: Other systems can initiate actions in MasterControl, including:

  • Log in and log out.
  • Push data into and pull data from MasterControl.
  • Create a new InfoCard (the MasterControl tool that summarizes information about every document and serves as a placeholder for the document in the database).
  • Retrieve InfoCard data from MasterControl.
  • Check in and check out an InfoCard for easy tracking of multiple revisions.
  • Edit an InfoCard.
  • Provide an external link to the main file.
  • Upload a new main file and/or attachments.

Sending Data: When actions that affect other processes managed by other systems are initiated in MasterControl, it will trigger notification to the other systems. For example, an engineering change order that has been approved in MasterControl will trigger notification to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that maintains the bill of material to ensure that the BOM is updated. The system administrator will be able to configure the type of data that can be made available through a route trigger. He or she can choose whether the data should be made available via comma separate value (CSV) file or Web service. There are two types of triggers:

  • Document-based trigger ? Metadata from the document's InfoCard will be automatically made available to the affected system and
  • Form-based trigger ? Metadata from the document's InfoCard plus form metadata will be made available.

Web Service: These features are provided using a Web Services model, which allow loosely coupled applications to be created by combining MasterControl components with interfaces to ERP, CRM, or other types of enterprise applications.