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Implementing a CGMP Training Scheduling Software to Ensure Compliance

Life science companies competing within the stringent FDA regulated environment must monitor and document the knowledge, skills, abilities, and training needs of their personnel. MasterControl's training scheduling software, as part of their complete GxP process and content management solutions for life science companies, help attain and sustain compliance year after year.

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About MasterControl Training Scheduling Software

MasterControl Inc. is a leading global provider of GxP process and content management and software solutions. By combining the robust capabilities of an integrated platform and the dedication of dynamic technical and customer services, it is no wonder over 400 companies around the world turn to MasterControl training scheduling software to effectively track, document, and manage employee training across an enterprise.

MasterControl's Complete Approach - The Training Scheduling Software

MasterControl's approach to employee training helps companies stay compliant, connected, and complete. The training scheduling software fits seamlessly into the other configurable applications in MasterControl suite. The training scheduling software features the following benefits:

  • Online exams that are automatically launched and graded
  • Progressive training curriculum that allows the development of training courses that fits the progress of the employee
  • Enterprise wide group sign off allows for enterprise wide employee training
  • Revision control ensures that only one version of a course is being acted upon in the training scheduling software
  • Connected quality processes ensures all quality and document control processes are seamlessly integrated to increase the efficiency of compliance practices
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tracks any training deficiencies that might jeopardize compliance

Educational and Research Materials for Training Scheduling Software

The rigorous GxP environment is a challenging for the most successful life science companies for which MasterControl has introduced its training scheduling software to cater the need of compliance. MasterControl's Resource Center is a comprehensive site where regulated companies can find the right information to help them make the best decisions for their organizations. The educational and research materials provided here include:

  • Industry White Papers
  • Tech Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Q & As
  • Training Scheduling Software Product Data Sheets
  • Online Demonstrations

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