Medical Device Training Software Systems

Medical Device Training Software Systems are Specially Designed to Automate Personnel Training and Competence for the Quality System Regulation QSR and 21 CFR 820 Regulations

MasterControl's medical device training system is an integrated part of the MasterControl quality software suite, automates training management processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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MasterControl Provides Effective and Connected Medical Device Training Software

As companies grow and change, it becomes increasingly difficult to track, follow up on, and verify training for employees. Paper-based or legacy training management systems don’t provide an effective mechanism for training employees that may be situated across different geographic locations. MasterControl’s medical device training software provides complete automation of the training program by electronically routing and delivering training tasks. The software provides a secure and centralized Web-based repository for connecting training processes with the rest of the quality system.

Medical device manufacturing companies must have direct and visible connections between employees and processes or else the quality system will fail. As changes are implemented, it is vitally important to publish these changes across the enterprise and develop updated training programs for users. In most medical device companies, the training coordinator usually has to run around to physically inform trainees about their tasks. Hybrid or paper-based medical training systems are equally as inefficient in that they don’t provide the medical companies with a uniform, intuitive means of conducting trainings. The MasterControl system solves these training dilemmas. MasterControl medical device training software makes it possible to automatically verify trainers and trainees upon completion of assigned tasks. In addition, trainees have access to their training records with a personalized folder that shows past training, course due dates, and upcoming trainings.

MasterControl Medical Device Training Software Provides A Comprehensive Solution

The primary objective of MasterControl’s medical device training software is to provide companies the facility of automating their training programs. The system features online examination functionality which simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements. Grading functionality can be implemented to test personnel competency through online exams. Training curriculum can be sequenced to automatically launch the next course after a trainee completes a pre-requisite.

Once training is completed, it is important to verify that trainees have received sufficient training and that their feedback is recorded. But if many trainees take part in a training, it is overly cumbersome for a trainer to follow up with each trainee and sign them off. The group sign-off feature of MasterControl saves valuable time by allowing supervisors to collectively sign off large groups of trainees. When trainers are using the existing documentation that may or may not be out of date to train employees, there is always a risk that employees are being trained on outdated material and obsolete standard operating procedures. MasterControl’s revision control functionality eliminates those errors and facilitates compliance by ensuring that the most recent version of documents is prominently available for reference. Employees are trained only according to current practices, so that they are better equipped to perform their tasks.

MasterControl’s medical device training system also includes powerful built-in analytics and reporting tools that provide management with a profound foresight and the ability to make better business decisions. MasterControl automatically performs gap analysis for all training tasks, all the time. The tracks trends and shows any training deficiencies that might jeopardize compliance. Training coordinators are able to monitor the entire quality management lifecycle from input to closure. Managers can dynamically capture, trend, and link data needed to solve problems, improve processes, and implement preventive measures. Data can be grouped together by a date interval and then charted over a date range. While a variety of reports come standard, companies can also customize reports based on their individual business needs.