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With Document Management Software, You Don't Need Expensive Document Management Services

MasterControl Inc. is a document management company and a global provider of GxP process solutions for life science and other regulated companies. If you think you need document management services, please take a look at our document management software.

MasterControl Quality Management System (QMS) Overview

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Not so long ago, managing standard operating procedures and related documentation was a difficult task for companies. As the business of companies expanded to multiple locations and many clients, it became increasingly cumbersome to manage even the most basic of operations in the system. The biggest challenge came in the form of maintaining communication between employees. Although paper-based or hybrid-based systems helped companies to carry out operations, they still lacked the basic infrastructure needed to manage and control processes. With business growing, companies found it extremely problematic to maintain processes and communication between employees. Some companies look for document management services to help.

As companies continued using legacy systems, the repercussions of miscommunication became evident in the business. Mismanagement, production of batches by employing out-dated versions of documents, lack of control and loss of revenue are some of the problems that the management faced. Eventually, companies decided to move toward quality management systems that are built with the latest technologies and business trends. The advent of the Internet provided the necessary influx to develop software that is available to users from virtually anywhere. This gave the idea of web-based document management software. To provide better manageability of processes and ensure that employees are able to collaborate with each other without any hassle, many companies transcended toward document management software that often made document management services unnecessary.

Our Document Control Software System Eliminates the Need for Document Management Services

MasterControl Inc. is at the forefront of the industry for document management solutions. MasterControl’s document management software is a web-based repository that helps companies manage standard operating procedures, HR policies, and any other documentation related to the business of the company. The software enables employees to collaborate under a single platform for the exchange and provision of various ideas through secure user accounts. This enables only the authorized personnel to make edits to the existing documentation on the portal. The software can manage any document type so that the employees can use any format for building their documents. The reviewing and approval of documents is also made easier with the electronic document routing that routes the document to the concerned reviewer. The software automates the processes that document management services generally trained employees to do.

Once a document is sent to an employee for edits and reviews, the document is locked from others during that time. This enables the document management software to ensure that the employees only access the current version of the document. The marvel of any software is its integration with other applications to provide a seamless functionality of operations in the system. MasterControl’s document management software can fully integrate with other applications such as MasterControl CAPA, MasterControl Bill of Materials, MasterControl Training, etc, to provide the company with the much needed integration for a smoothly performing assortment of functionalities.

Learn More About Reducing the Need for Document Management Services

To learn more about our document management software and other solutions for eliminating your need for document management services, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.