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Accelerate Document Management Processes with an EDMS

FDA regulations, ISO quality standards, and similar requirements help ensure the quality and efficacy of, not only life science products, but all manufactured products that are subject to industry regulations. Successful implementation of an effective and proven electronic document management software (EDMS) system can immensely simplify compliance with regulatory standards.

There is currently a wide range of electronic document management systems offered by many providers that vary greatly in terms of simplicity or robustness. The key is finding the EDMS system that is the best fit for your organization's electronic document management software needs.

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The most important fact to keep in mind is the recognition that the regulatory compliance of an electronic document management software system is an ongoing state, not a one-time event. With that in mind, the organization will also have to assess other crucial factors before implementing an electronic document management software system, such as: file location and retention, document retrieval requirements, level of security needed, recovering documents in case of disaster, archival needs, workflows, document creation criteria, tracking, and so forth. Every organization has its own document management needs, but there are a variety of EDMS systems available that can meet those needs.

The MasterControl EDMS System: Compliant, Connected, and Complete

Since 1993, MasterControl Inc. has been a leading global provider of electronic document management software. MasterControl's electronic document management software is integrated as well as extraordinarily easy to use. The MasterControl EDMS system keeps companies compliant, connected, and complete, year after year.


With MasterControl's electronic document management software, companies are able maintain a constant state of readiness for inspections and audits. Key compliance features include:

  • Electronic document management software automates document routing, escalation, and document approval
  • InfoCard metadata is linked directly to documents
  • Document change control facilitates and tracks all changes to a document
  • Analytics and reporting functionality


The electronic document management software from MasterControl connects with other quality processes to ensure efficiency and continuous improvement. MasterControl's EDMS system provides:

  • A web-based platform
  • Integrated quality management (CAPA, deviations, nonconformances, etc.)
  • Integration with other applications such as employee training, BOM, supplier management, etc.
  • Graphically linked Explorers


The electronic document management software system from MasterControl is supported by time-tested implementation, validation, and product training techniques for a faster ROI. MasterControl's EDMS also comes complete with thorough product training and the highest caliber of technical support.

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To learn more about electronic document management software, as well as FDA regulations and ISO requirements, visit the MasterControl Resource Center. There you'll find helpful, industry white papers on electronic document management software, MasterControl EDMS product data, question and answer articles, and more.

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