AS 9100 Aerospace Document Control Software Systems

Automate Paper-Based Document Control Systems for AS9000 and AS9100 Compliance with Aerospace Document Control Software System Technology

Any aerospace or aeronautical manufacturer is strongly aware of the intricacies related to the manufacture of aerospace components. Building aircrafts and other related equipment requires precision and acute adherence to processes and procedures, which are carefully described in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Aircrafts and other operating devices are extensively used for travel, warfare and other purposes. Any malfunction in an aircraft device can result in the loss of human life and put manufacturers in the spotlight for blame and financial difficulty. For this reason, aerospace and aeronautical manufacturers want to ensure that all systemic manufacturing procedures are documented and carried out accurately and efficiently throughout their respective organizations.

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MasterControl's aerospace document control software system electronically organizes, archives and controls all necessary documentation within an aerospace or aeronautical manufacturing environment.

With the importance of standardizing document procedures becoming more and more necessary, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has devised a set of standards to help aerospace manufactures improve their aerospace document control software systems. The AS 9100 document management requirements are a specific set of rules for aerospace companies, military aircraft manufacturers and related engineering firms, suppliers, and contractors. Although adhering to ISO regulations is not mandatory, many manufacturers prefer to adhere to AS 9100 standards to improve their manufacturing methods and protect their business. Attaining ISO certification allows manufacturers to improve their chances of attaining new customers (many customers prefer vendors and suppliers that have obtained ISO certification).

ISO Guidelines in Aerospace Document Control Software Systems

ISO has crafted specific sets of rules for varied industries. When manufacturers or other professionals adhere to their own industry-recommended standards they can obtain industry-specific ISO certifications. The concept of an aerospace document control software system, for example, is integral to ISO 9000. ISO 9001:2000 was devised as a general regulation for most aerospace businesses and manufacturers. Per this regulation, an aerospace manufacturer is required to establish a document control system that stores and manages documents relating to the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the company's quality management system. Apart from this, many aerospace companies and contractors also adhere to ISO 14000, which incorporates environmental standards into a company's operations and product manufacturing processes. In order to ensure that the manufactured devices are environmentally friendly detailed documentation is required and the implementation of AS 9100-compliant aerospace document control software manages documentation electronically. Similarly, ISO 14000 requires document control procedures to help manufacturers continually improve their environmental management system.

In order to provide a more focused approach to manufacturing aerospace devices, the aerospace industry creates its own standards. In May 1997, the aerospace industry agreed on AS9000 (Aerospace Basic Quality System Standard) standards, which are based on ISO 9000 and are designed to streamline aerospace document control systems with quality. In 1999, AS9000 was replaced by AS9100. Like ISO 9000, AS9100 requires the complete documentation of procedures.

Establishing Order with Aerospace Document Control Software Systems

The business of aerospace companies is often spread across different locations with a huge number of employees manufacturing a single component. Initially, a company can rely on documenting SOPs in a paper-based system. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain all the paperwork over time. How would the company route, update and approve any procedure? Even the manual search and retrieval of documents can be very difficult. With MasterControl's aerospace document control software, the entire concept of storing SOPs is revolutionized. Since the documents are stored on a web-based repository, any authorized employee can find it extremely easy to search and retrieve documents. The emphasis of the software is on quality management, which means that it can handle all types of documents regardless of the software in which they are created. Although the documents are stored online, the manufacturers can be assured that the repository is secure and only available to authorized users. This helps in ensuring that all important company data and information is not compromised.

Controlling Document Revisions with Aerospace Document Control Software

If you are already using a paper-based aerospace document control system or hybrid system, then you probably retrieve documents manually for any updates. Tracking alterations to a document can be a tedious process. In case you want to submit a change request or discuss any change in a face-to-face meeting, you have to manually submit a request. All of this manual effort is inefficient and can often be a waste of time. MasterControl's aerospace document management software system automates these processes to make you and your company more efficient.

MasterControl Documents for the aerospace industry provides automatic revision control to ensure that only the current version of a document is available. Changes can be initiated and approved electronically through our aerospace document control software system. When changes are made by authorized users there are a number of different options for document change control tracking. MasterControl Documents always ensure users are able to access the current document any time.

Integrated Quality Management with MasterControl's Aerospace Document Control Software System

In paper-based document control systems, you run a high risk in creating communication gaps between the departments and employees. Since the users are relying on manual submission of change requests and documents, it gets cumbersome to keep track of activities in the system. Even if a change occurs in a process, how are the respective users informed about it and how will they be trained on the new SOP? When users continue practicing old procedures without any information of a change it can lead to poor results in manufacturing the aerospace devices. Eventually, all the processes will be disconnected from each other, causing a possible state of chaos in how your business is run.

MasterControl Documents is an integrated aerospace document control software system that connects all quality sub-systems like CAPA, change management, audit, customer complaints, and training. For example, a customer complaint that warrants a CAPA can be immediately escalated. Any SOP that has been changed can automatically invoke training for all of the affected employees.

Reporting & Analytics with Aerospace Document Control Software

Many business are reliant on the feedback from the market and their internal departments. This feedback is usually generated through disparate tools such electronic spreadsheets, flowcharting software or paper documents in binders. These methods are not sufficient in providing the company with the much needed information of current trends. Most of the companies require the generation of specific reports to acquire timely feedback. Having a reporting tool integrated with your quality system is the best fir for the needs of manufacturers. MasterControl's aerospace document control software provides advanced analytics and reporting capability, including customizable reports, scheduled reports, and online charting. Through the reports, managers get a real-time view of the quality processes and can be more proactive about improving their quality processes.

Aerospace Document Control Software System Facts

  • MasterControl Documents has been successfully implemented in ISO environments without any instance of non-compliance since its introduction in 1993
  • Dramatically reduces the time it takes to bring a new product to market by speeding up the process for document change, approval, notification, and distribution
  • Our aerospace document control software is an off-the-shelf configurable product designed for rapid installation, implementation, and validation
  • Ensures documentation integrity so employees always have the most updated document at their fingertips

Core Capabilities of Aerospace Document Control Software Systems

  • Combines powerful electronic routing and approval
  • Full audit trail and reporting
  • Electronic signature management and control
  • Our aerospace document control systems ensures 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with security and integrity of documents
  • Computer systems validation plan and implementation including
  • Validation-ready for IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification) and PQ (Process Qualification)
  • Scalable, open systems architecture
  • Supports aerospace industry-standard databases