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MasterControl's On-Site Audit Workshop Helps Quality Professionals Develop the Skills of a Superb Auditor

Most highly regulated organizations do not have the luxury of hiring well-seasoned professional auditors; they must develop auditors from within. The MasterControl quality management on-site audit workshop was developed to teach quality professionals who have been tasked with assessing conformance how to act in the role of internal auditor or supplier quality auditor.

Quality Audit - A Tool for Continuous Improvement and Compliance

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Delivered over two rigorous days at the customer's facility, participants gain valuable insight into pertinent regulatory requirements, as well as a keen understanding of the necessary planning, performance, and post-audit remediation techniques. The quality management audit workshop incorporates a proven methodology to teach critical thinking skills that will help any quality professional deploy and follow a best-practice audit system.

MasterControl Audit Workshop Course Overview

MasterControl audit workshop participants will discover best practices for audit planning, audit preparation, audit administration, client communications, observation writing and reporting, and much more. The methodology taught throughout the workshop is in accordance with regulatory expectations; course content is easy to understand and results-driven. Highlights include:

  • Audit fundamentals - Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of an auditor, types of audits, audit scheduling, and internal vs. external audits.
  • Audit planning and preparation - Audit workshop participants will become familiar with the industry standards/regulations for audits, as well as audit administration, authority, scope, purpose, type, scheduling, checklist construction, and resource management.
  • Audit performance - Participants will learn more about conducting audit meetings, interviews, and data analysis. Findings, writing skills, and providing feedback will also be discussed.
  • Audit consolidation and reports - Participants will learn the ins and outs of preparing reports. Corrective actions, continuous improvement, and department and management accountability will also be addressed.

The MasterControl Audit Workshop Helps Participants Avoid These Common Audit Pains

Most quality professionals are asked to perform auditing functions at their organizations in addition to juggling several other job tasks. This added responsibility often causes stress, and can result in reduced work performance. The quality management audit workshop was developed to help minimize the anxiety and uncertainty associated with conducting audits, and to give quality professionals the knowledge and skills they need to address even the most challenging audit pains with confidence. Pains such as:

  • No uniform, solid method for audit preparation and execution
  • Audit processes that don't meet regulatory (e.g. FDA, EMA) standards or expectations
  • Ineffective processes to utilize with personnel when interviewing
  • Ineffective decision making and coaching within the audit process
  • Poorly written findings that are difficult to interpret
  • Misunderstanding of audit roles and responsibilities
  • Inappropriate behavior when communicating
  • Selection of inappropriate team members

The audit workshop is taught using a blended approach of classroom and real-life application. This "how-to" approach significantly increases knowledge retention and allows participants to apply the skills as they learn in a dynamic setting. Click to review the workshop agenda or to register.

Who Should Attend the MasterControl Quality Management Audit Workshop?

The audit workshop is appropriate for individuals who are regularly called on to perform audits on suppliers and/or internally. Examples include quality assurance professionals and internal and external auditors.

The audit workshop is one of five on-site quality management workshops offered by MasterControl to help quality professional gain the skills they need to stay current and compliant in the workplace. Additional workshops are offered in, risk, CAPA, document management and supplier management. All workshops are delivered on-site at the customer's facility and can be customized to align with industry sector regulatory requirements. Class size is limited to 14 participants. Click below to see details on the additional workshops:

  • Risk Workshop
  • CAPA Workshop
  • Document Workshop
  • Supplier Workshop

For More Information on MasterControl Audit Workshops

For more information about the audit workshop, or any of our quality management workshops, contact the MasterControl Quality and Compliance Consulting Team or call 866.747.8767 today.

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