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Change Management Tool

Change management software is a critical change management tool

Ask any successful company. The reason why change management software is so critical is because, given the number of ongoing processes for document change to formulations, design specs, a company's processes, etc. etc., it is virtually impossible to keep track of everything without having something fall through the cracks if you don't have a change management tool that is automated.

MasterControl Change Control™

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MasterControl Offers an Automated Change Management Tool

With nearly two decades of experience in helping regulated and ISO-compliant companies with change management, MasterControl understands your need for a change management tool that can ensure compliance. In order to help users easily manage information pertaining to changes, MasterControl provides a highly customizable change form. The main objective of this form is to collect a comprehensive profile of the proposed changes that is then easily transferred to several other platforms including deviance, non conformance, training, CAPA etc.

MasterControl's change management tool is entirely web-based, which makes it easier for multiple users from a variety of platforms to initiate, plan, and implement changes according to existing standards. Because collaboration is an essential element of successfully planning the changes that help align business practices in accordance to the industry norms, the MasterControl change management tool offers the ideal virtual workspace for collaboration. In addition, to ensure that the change control process is in a continual state of improvement, MasterControl allows for a rapid document approval lifecycle that quickly turns around up-to-date documentation for prompt reference.

The change management tools built in to the MasterControl suite of applications automate the entire process of collecting and storing valuable change information for sound change management.

The MasterControl Change Management Tool Facilitates Compliance

Compliance with FDA and ISO regulations is an important gauge of the effectiveness of the change management tools implemented in the change control process. MasterControl's change management tool is structured to ensure that companies of any size can plan their change control processes cost-effectively throughout the enterprise with a primary objective of achieving a state of audit readiness. This can only be accomplished through the effective management of any change that calls for employee training. Any change triggered within the MasterControl system automatically invokes a request for document updates and, if necessary, triggers new training tasks. These automated document updates and streamlined approval lifecycles form the backbone of the user training program. Ultimately, management is able to develop a comprehensive knowledge bank for educating users that guarantees they are always working according to the most recent standard operating procedures.

The MasterControl change management tool also provides robust reporting and analytical functionality. The system's timely generation of reports highlights areas that require improvement. This eventually allows management to resolve issues, improve existing procedures, and introduce carefully planned changes in the business. Ultimately, with the help of the MasterControl change management tool, the company can achieve and sustain compliance.

For More Information on Change Management Tools

For more information about how we can help automate your change management tools, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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