Information Technology (IT) Change Management

Without effective Information Technology (IT) Change Management, it is impossible for FDA-regulated and ISO environments to achieve compliance.

The reason is simple: a company needs to assure that the negative impact of change to their information technology change management system is minimized in order to avoid disruption to their development and production processes.

The only way to do this effectively is through a system for IT change management that is sanctioned by upper management and keeps all key players informed.

Change Control - Continuous Quality Improvements in FDA and ISO Environments

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IT change management must be able to effectively integrate with a company's other change processes. Given the number of ongoing processes for document change to formulations, design specs, SOPs, and specifications for raw materials, equipment, etc., this can be a big order.

MasterControl's Time-Tested Approach to Information Technology (IT) Change Management

MasterControl has over a decade of industry-specific experience in helping companies with IT Change Management. The MasterControl Change Control software application offers the following features and benefits:

  • Change form that conforms to best practice standards
  • IT change management software that provides form-to-form launching
  • Forms-based document approval process that expedites change management
  • Dependent routing for ensuring change control
  • Dynamic explorers
  • Powerful reporting and analytics tools

For More Information About Information Technology (IT) Change Management

For more information about IT Change Management and how MasterControl can help your company, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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