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Avoid Common Hazards on Your Regulatory Road Trip

For pharmaceutical companies with digitized quality management systems, compliance is as easy as following GPS guidance.

Hazard #1

CAPA Overload


Reduce Cycle Times

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“By predicting the most likely root causes and their underlying drivers, companies can reduce the investigation cycle time for deviations and nonconformances by 90%.”

- McKinsey & Company

Hazard #2

Training Management Mishaps


Improve Training Cycles

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“We’ve improved our training cycles by over 50%, doing it more efficiently with minimal effort.”

- UCSF Health Analyst Joanne Foster

Hazard #3

Data Control Failures


Maintain Continuous Data Control

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“Only 47% of compliance leaders believe the systems they use to access and analyze data provide a comprehensive view of compliance.”

- Deloitte

Hazard #4

Procedures Not Written/Followed


Get Approvals in Less Than 24 Hours

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“Signature approvals for SOPs, work instructions, policies, and even urgent memos or meeting minutes that used to take weeks and even months in many cases are now commonly approved in less than 24 hours.”

– UCSF Health Analyst Joanne Foster

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Hazard #5

Inaccurate/Missing Data


Achieve 100% Data Accuracy

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Documentation is only 91% accurate when done manually.”

– McKinsey & Company

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