Process Automation

Manufacturing Process Automation

MasterControl Provides Software Solutions for Manufacturing Process Automation to Ensure Compliance with ISO / AS 9000 Quality Systems

For high-tech manufacturing companies, forms are necessary to perform data-capture activities. They are especially critical in gathering, securing, and processing information for quality manufacturing process automation which is necessary to conform to ISO international standards, such as audits, nonconformances, corrective/preventive actions, and customer complaints.

To be effective, an electronic forms-based process should be flexible in meeting an organization's needs. They should be efficient in getting input and approval from everyone involved and should allow collaboration and manufacturing process automation among several users, departments, and suppliers.

MasterControl Process™

Is Manufacturing Process Automation by MasterControl the Right Choice for You?

MasterControl manufacturing process automation, an integrated part of the MasterControl quality management suite, automates, streamlines, and effectively manages forms-based processes to help automotive manufacturers ensure ISO conformance. Here are some of its powerful features to ensure your system is always Compliant, Connected and Complete.

Compliant Manufacturing Process Automation

Adherence to ISO standards is a state, not an event. MasterControl helps companies not only attain manufacturing process automation but sustain ISO conformance by optimizing quality processes, providing industry best-practice workflows, and effectively managing the compliance environment.

  • Increases Efficiency:

    Automates all forms-based tasks, including notification, follow-up, escalation, and approval. Forms created in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can be converted to HTML, so end users won't need new training. A company may also improve existing forms or design entirely new ones. Manufacturing process automation helps simplify the compliance environment, making it easier to stay compliant.

  • Centralized Repository:

    All quality-related forms and documents will be stored in a secure, centralized repository, making it easy to search and retrieve them during an ISO conformance assessment or an internal or customer audit.

  • Revision Control:

    Provides automatic revision control to ensure that only the current version of a form is available. When a user makes a change in the record, the user must enter a reason for the change.

  • Flexibility in Designing Route Statuses:

    Form designers can change, or even restrict, a user's sign-off choices (i.e., work in process, final approval, etc.) to better control the form process and the workflow.

  • Streamlined Process for Multiple Sign-Offs:

    A form can be configured to allow two or more people to sign off at once. This is necessary for tasks that require a witness during completion (i.e., electronic batch records). This functionality of manufacturing process automation eliminates the need for one user to log out and log back in, so the second user can sign off.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

    Provides standard and customized reports. Data captured on forms are automatically entered in an SQL database. Companies can use built-in tools to filter data, and then chart results for instant analysis. MasterControl includes dashboard, drill-down, and advanced scheduling capabilities.

Connected Manufacturing Process Automation

Easy Access


Easy Access

MasterControl is Web-based so it can connect all employees and other authorized users regardless of location.

Offline Forms


Offline Forms

Off-site and traveling users or external parties (customers, vendors) can complete forms, such as CAPA or customer complaints form, even without being connected to the MasterControl system. They can complete forms offline and then upload which makes manufacturing process automation successful.

Form-to-Form Launching


Form-to-Form Launching

Some forms-based processes are so tightly connected with the document approval process, requiring the same signatures for both. With this feature, the process is streamlined. A form and the documents linked to it can be approved all at once, avoiding repetitive steps.

Conditional Routing


Conditional Routing

Quality-related tasks can be routed to different users depending on data entered into the form which helps in implementing manufacturing process automation. For example, a complaint can be routed to the appropriate product team by selecting the product from a drop-down field.

Supervisor Route


Supervisor Route

Many forms-based processes require approval by a supervisor no matter who initiates the process. The software allows you to add the "supervisor" to forms routes, and in succession, if needed. So the route will move from a supervisor to that person's supervisor, and so on, along the hierarchy.

Electronic sign-offs

Manufacturing shop floor

Electronic sign-offs

Manufacturing process automation forms can be approved electronically, making it easier to get approval from different people. Signature manifestation, name, date, time, and meaning of electronic signature, can be appended automatically to each document.

Complete Manufacturing Process Automation

Enterprise-wide Product Application: MasterControl's manufacturing process automation can handle every department's forms-based processes, making it an ideal enterprise-wide solution. MasterControl provides the appropriate tools and services necessary for successful implementation and validation.

  • Product Training

    MasterControl's Professional Services team, consisting of former ISO auditors and system administrators, has developed a comprehensive training program that serves as a foundation for successful project implementation and helps companies realize software ROI faster. The team conducts training at MasterControl's state-of-the-art Training Center in Salt Lake City and also at customers' facilities for accurate implementation of manufacturing process automation.

  • Technical Support:

    Choosing MasterControl means getting the necessary technical support to ensure project success. MasterControl offers the expertise, infrastructure, and flexibility to meet every customer's needs, from initial installation to regular maintenance.

  • Integrates with Other Applications:

    MasterControl can integrate with other applications like ERP, LIMS, accounting, and human resources applications to accommodate departmental needs.

  • Easy to Search:

    A standardized Google-like search window is available throughout the application to make it easy for all authorized users to search and retrieve forms.

  • Easy to Find:

    MasterControl's Explorer, similar to Windows Explorer, is an easy-to-use tool that helps users find and access documents quickly. Every department can maintain its own Explorers and documents can be stored in multiple Explorers. Manufacturing process automation system administrators can control and automatically update the documents through a dynamic link in the InfoCard.

  • Customized Routing:

    Enterprise-wide routes can be created based on a company's unique needs. System administrators can easily create a variety of individually tailored user and security roles.

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