Discrepant Material Report

Discrepant Material Report Best Practices for Manufacturing

Uses of the Discrepant Material Report

The basic rules for good manufacturing practices (GMP) include maintaining comprehensive and accurate documentation and records. One document that is critical for manufacturing processes is a Discrepant Material Report. The purpose of the report is to document all occurrences of defective or damaged (nonconforming) materials. This report also has a variety of other uses to help expedite the identification, investigation, and resolution of discrepant materials.

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Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) – Discrepant Material Reports reveal if you have an unusual amount of nonconforming material, indicating that you should stop production and resolve the situation.

Supplier Materials Management – A Discrepant Materials Report can help you be more detail-oriented during incoming materials inspections. You can more easily identify specific materials as well as the suppliers. The information in the report is useful for submitting a supplier corrective action request (SCAR).

Revamp Inspection Procedure – Sometimes the process for identifying a nonconforming material requires inspection method that differs from most of your other processes. The data you collect for the Discrepant Materials Report can indicate if your current inspection process needs correction or if you need to develop a new process.

How MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution Can Help You

When identifying and resolving material discrepancies, it’s important for all stakeholders to have full visibility of manufacturing. MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution provides your organization with a more comprehensive view of your overall production, supply chain, materials management, and supplier activities.

Streamlined Discrepancy Workflows – MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution automates critical business and operational functions. One advantage is you can increase the speed and accuracy of your discrepant materials inspection and resolution processes.

Improved Manufacturing Data Integrity – With fully digitized data management, you collect the most up-to-date and in-depth data and metadata that is easily shared throughout the enterprise.

Team Collaboration – Your company’s material review board (MRB) may include stakeholders from quality assurance, research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and supply change management. MasterControl enables all members of your MRB to simultaneously review, update, and approve process and workflow instructions.

Discrepant Materials Report Granularity – MasterControl enables immediate access to the most relevant, up-to-date data and metadata, which results in more robust analytics, reporting capabilities, and more informed decisions.

Consistent Infrastructure – MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution is easy to customize. You can standardize the look and feel of all workstations across the enterprise as well as incorporate your company’s brand in all internal and external documents and reports.

Manufacturing Excellence Solution Features and Benefits

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution integrates with any other resource and production planning software you have implemented. You can more effectively identify and fill gaps in manufacturing execution systems (MES), manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems, and paper-based processes. In addition to collecting and sharing data in real time, the collected data includes more in-depth metadata for easily tracking stakeholder- and process-specific information, such as data owners, user access, change histories, and time stamps. Your organization can benefit from more predictive analytics, more effective planning, and faster ROI.

To learn more about MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution, contact a MasterControl representative.