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Outfitting your factory floor with the technology and tools to access, visualize and leverage quality data is the key to operational efficiency in the 21st century.

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Why Does Quality Data Matter?


Shop Floor Efficiency

If quality is not embedded in the production process, it leads to waste and errors, production floor delays, and slower product release times.


Cost of Quality

In manufacturing, the costs of poor quality are often a result of errors associated with manual data entry or long review cycles that reduce efficiencies, throughput and cash flow.


The Ripple Effect

When manufacturers use manual, paper-based systems, human error and poor data integrity have a ripple effect as bad data flows through the production process, ultimately resulting in lost revenue and compliance issues.

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    Hear firsthand how MasterControl EBR is changing the game for Wellington Foods by eliminating paper from the manufacturing documentation process, improving product quality, and helping deliver product to market faster.

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    MasterControl EBR eliminates inefficient, paper-based batch record management processes, providing pharmaceutical and process manufacturers greater automation, visibility and traceability throughout the entire production life cycle.

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    Companies in medical device and discrete manufacturing can finally gain control of their manufacturing data, documentation and line performance at every step of the production process with MasterControl eDHR.

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    Integrating quality and manufacturing processes – such as batch records, device history records, recipe management and equipment maintenance – is key to gaining the insights and understanding the trends that can transform your manufacturing operations management and differentiate you from competitors.

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    MasterControl Quality Excellence is a cloud-based, integrated and configurable QMS trusted by hundreds of companies in every industry to streamline their quality processes and achieve greater compliance.

Quality data can get you there.

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