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Assess Your Digital Manufacturing Maturity

Understand where you rank among your peers in digitizing your manufacturing operation.

This assessment tool tells you how your company's use of digital manufacturing software compares to that of your peers. After taking the assessment, you'll get a personalized report showing:

  • Your current standing in the digital manufacturing maturity model as compared to your peers.

  • Ways to overcome the blockers keeping you from becoming more digitally mature.

  • The benefits you'll experience from implementing intelligent manufacturing software.

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Elevate Your Potential With Digital Manufacturing Software

To stay compliant and competitive, manufacturers of regulated products need to create productive connections between systems, machines, processes, departments, and people. A modern software solution like MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence can help you turn these capabilities into a competitive differentiator.

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Using the following definitions, please select the level that best describes how the following manufacturing processes are done at your company.

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Blockers to Digital Maturity

Next Steps

Innovation in life sciences is moving fast. Companies cannot afford to fall behind in adopting the latest technologies if they hope to sustain long-term relevance in the market. Organizations that keep moving through the phases of digital maturity, digitizing all lines and sites and integrating all systems and equipment across the entire organization are set up for:

  • End-to-end data to use for predictive modeling and informed decisions.

  • Seamless interaction across all business units.

  • Consistent and high levels of performance.

  • Streamlined workflows.

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About our research document

About Our Research

The statistics identified in this assessment are based on our research of your life sciences industry peers. For more information about where the industry is, where you are on the digitization spectrum, and the benefits of becoming more digitally mature, you can download the full report here.

Where to Next?

If you're interested in learning how to assess the capabilities of a modern manufacturing execution system (MES) and align it with your processes, read through our MES Buyers Guide. Or, if you'd like more details about what we offer, you can read our Manufacturing Excellence Solution Overview.

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