Top 5 Medical Device Trends in 2020

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2020 promises to be another banner year for the medical device sector, as new opportunities and challenges arise. Learn how some of the leading trends this year may impact your company. 

  • FDA leads in quality and compliance technology modernization
  • CMOs are a critical supply chain link
  • MDSAP device submissions pathway picks up steam
  • Data becomes the revenue generator
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Dynamics Impacting Medical Devices in 2020



Learn how an ever-changing global regulatory landscape may affect your devices in 2020.


Market Economics

Find out what the future holds for medical device market fluctuations and what actions you can take to stay one step ahead of the competition.



Rapid advances in technology and the ongoing digital transformation mean new device types, new manufacturing challenges and new solutions to overcome those pain points.

Medical devices are one of the hottest tickets in the life sciences.


Quality Changes Lives


Learn how quality excellence is literally life-changing for the patients of one medical device company.


A Growth Industry


The medical device sector grew at a record 7% rate in 2019 — a 9-year high — and total global revenues are expected to reach $483.4 billion in 2020.


Med Device Makers and Outsourcing


Medical device companies are increasingly relying on outsourcing for their manufacturing, research, supply and other functions.


Regulatory Harmonization


Global regulatory agencies are increasingly moving toward harmonization and adopting international standards. Ultimately, this will simplify the submissions process for medical device makers.

5 of 2020's top medical device trends are just one click away.

Find out what five notable trends in the medical device industry may affect your company in this year. And learn how a quality management system (QMS) and manufacturing process automation solution can best position your organization for those changes.

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