Medical Device Trends in 2021

4 Trends Adding Pressure to Medical Device Companies

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The medical device industry faced immense obstacles in 2020. This trend brief explores how companies that were able to adapt successfully will act as models for 2021 and beyond.

  • Existing and emerging technologies enabling agility amid uncertainty.
  • Reasons why quality will remain one of the most highly competitive assets.
  • Steps that medical device manufacturers may take to ensure operational continuity and employee safety.
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Identify the Trends Reshaping the Medical Device Industry


Market Demands Increasing Pressure to Be Agile

The medical device companies that were able to pivot in 2020 had already adopted digitization, underscoring how digitization enables agility amid uncertainty.


Adapting to Consumer Expectations With a Renewed Focus on Quality

As consumers demand innovative products delivered faster and in a digital-first format, quality must be at the forefront.


Connecting Operations Without Endangering Employees

COVID-19 has created a sense of urgency around accelerating efforts to digitally connect people with areas of operations that are offline and disconnected.

Adapt to changes in medtech and reap the benefits.

See how emerging technologies and evolving shifts in mindset are changing how medical device companies develop and manufacture life-improving products.

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