Architecting for Change: Embracing a Platform Approach

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This executive brief outlines several advantages quality-minded companies can realize by implementing cloud platforms, configurable software applications and other future-primed technologies. 

  • Learn how to avoid the costs of stagnation
  • Discover how to eliminate risk
  • Go from skeptical to elated with new technology
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Pave the Path to Success with Future-Ready Tech


Avoid the Costs of Stagnation

On-premise software ages and depreciates. Cloud platforms allow you to shift to a predictable operational cost model and take advantage of the latest features, patches and security enhancements.


Eliminate Risk

Aging tech creates more risk than it removes. Eradicate risk anxieties by switching to cloud-based platforms that provide enhanced security, scalability, faster validation and many more benefits.


Go From Skeptical to Elated

The idea of adopting new tech can provoke fears of jeopardized quality, timeliness and compliance. Cloud platforms ease those fears and let you focus on driving continuous improvement.

The tools you need to keep quality on track — today and tomorrow.


The Next Generation of the #1 EQMS


MasterControl's cloud-based QMS is fully integrated, configurable and easy to use. Whether you're upgrading paper-based or hybrid systems to improve accuracy, efficiency and audit-readiness, or consolidating multiple legacy and vendor systems into a single unified quality platform, MasterControl has a quality suite designed to meet your unique needs.


Quality Management on One Platform


Actelion Pharmaceuticals used to manage quality processes with two separate systems. Now equipped with an integrated QMS on a single platform, the company can streamline processes, publish documents faster, minimize errors and take advantage of e-signature functionality.


From Concept to Mindset: A Quality Transformation


Knowing that you need high-quality tools to produce a quality product like WD-40, the company selected MasterControl software with an eye toward making products even better tomorrow than they are today. Where quality was once an obstacle, it has transformed into an enterprise-wide mentality thanks to WD-40 Company's powerful cloud-based tools.


Immediate Quality Efficiencies


A medical device company reduced its document approval times from weeks and months to just days. The secret: a connected and fully integrated enterprise quality management system. See how Megadyne eliminated reporting and visibility problems by replacing its inefficient paper-based system with MasterControl.

Quality can't wait.

In a rapidly transforming digital world, you can't afford to let your processes for managing quality fall behind. Learn why companies that embrace cloud-based quality management platforms are thriving, not just surviving.

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