Case Study

Optimize and Align Quality Across Multiple Sites

Fagron Case Study
What's Included:
  • How a pharmaceutical compounder reduced deviation times by 50%.
  • A proven way to improve right-first-time metrics by 100%.
  • Benefits of aligning quality processes across multiple sites.
About This Asset

It’s tough to keep quality consistent. Especially when dispersed teams use different document control systems. Learn how an enterprise quality management system (EQMS) helps Fagron boost performance and align quality across 11 global sites.

Benefits of Streamlined, Standardized Quality


Fewer Errors

Paper-based processes lead to mistakes. And quality mistakes lead to waste and rework. Find out how a pharma EQMS helped Fagron exceed its goal of 95% right-first-time output.


More Time

Fagron teams used to spend nine hours each week preparing paper quality assurance training documents. With a pharma quality management system, they’ve cut that time to zero. Learn how a pharma EQMS can help you get more done in less time.


Less Waste

Fagron has used 19,500 fewer sheets of paper each week since implementing its pharma EQMS. That’s vital to the company’s savings goals. Discover how advanced digital tools can boost your efficiency.

Get all your teams on the same page.

See why Fagron sets the standard for quality consistency.

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