Beginnings are important. The way something starts – like the first sentences of a book that grabs you – sets a tone for the rest of your experience.

Today begins anew at MasterControl, where I’ve been working since October 2017. Over the last few years, the company transformed itself from a stalwart, hardworking locomotive engine, chugging away and consistently growing into a disruptive technology upstart.

We champion this truth: Quality Changes Everything.

Today begins a new era at MasterControl, where we champion this truth: #QualityChangesEverything, says @MCMasterControl http://bit.ly/2vz5DLY

Over the last 100 years, the life sciences industry, in partnership with government regulators, built a currency of social trust. When a nurse takes blood from you, the needle won’t shatter. When you give medicine to your children, they will get healthier based on the consistency of the recipe and the trusted science of a successful clinical trial.

To achieve this generally unrecognized achievement, quality departments play a pivotal role. And MasterControl has championed their cause and increased the effectiveness of their efforts for the last 15 years.

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With the rise of cloud computing and the increased pace of output required to satisfy shareholders, life sciences organizations are under siege. Change or die. Change means getting leaner. And yet, astoundingly, more than 40 percent of life sciences companies still use paper-based processes – and that’s in the quality department. When you jump over to the manufacturing floor with batch records, travelers, that number increases dramatically.

And that’s the huge opportunity for life sciences organizations. Look at every place where you’re using a paper-based process or hunting across your disparate files for key documents – and get that all into a well-managed Product Lifecycle Excellence platform. This digital platform starts with product design through clinical, regulatory, quality management, supplier management, into manufacturing and out to postmarket surveillance. Seven distinct solutions – one amazing platform.

At MasterControl, our leader Jon Beckstrand instituted this mission: We make life-changing products available to more people sooner. Each employee carries the the torch for our mission, which can’t be accomplished without amazing customers to partner with us. At 1,000-plus customers and growing fast, MasterControl simply isn’t only a quality management solutions organization any more.

Today, we’ve made the turn – introducing PLx – our bold Product Lifecycle Excellence approach to helping companies wage war on the paper-based processes that permeate their sites, shop floors and QA departments. In my experience, there’s no better way to use marketing than in the service of what’s true. So, after many months of extremely hard work, we’re relaunching our brand. Check out the full story at www.mastercontrol.com or visit us on LinkedIn. It’s #BigNews.

#ProductLifeCycleExcellence is a digital platform that helps companies bring greater quality to all their manufacturing processes, says @MCMasterControl #QualityChangesEverything http://bit.ly/2vz5DLY

At MasterControl, and for all of our customers, we believe Quality Changes Everything. And it’s been such a privilege to bring this platform and that truth to life. The mission of MasterControl remains the same. Our truth is singular. The integrated platform is powerful. Today changes everything.


2019-bl-author-sara-breseeSara Bresee is the Executive Vice President of Marketing at MasterControl. In this role, she has been responsible for elevating the organization from a customer-loving enterprise software provider to a global customer-obsessed organization. Bresee brings more than 20 years’ experience in integrated marketing, both in the client and agency sectors.

In her last role as CMO for Morpho Detection, she engineered the digital transformation and brand makeover for this world-class security manufacturer. Prior to that, Bresee served as senior vice president and group managing director of MRM//McCann-West. Her agency capstone role was serving as the global account director for Intel Corporation. During her service, the agency team won multiple industry awards including the prestigious Intel Innovation Award for breakthrough marketing work. At Franklin Covey, she repositioned and relaunched “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” curriculum. She also worked for other elite brands including Microsoft and the Ford Motor Co.

Bresee is a Michigan State University alumnus.