Life Science Manufacturers Analyzed in Aberdeen Report - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

According to a recent AberdeenGroup report, life science companies face pressures that "typical" manufacturers do not. These pressures include "complying with government regulation and providing traceability in their operations." Because of these pressures, life science companies often stand at a mediocre level in terms of first pass yields, overall yields, and DPMOs (defects per million opportunities).

How can life science manufacturers become Best-in-Class manufacturers and still stay at the forefront of regulatory compliance and transparent traceability?

The AberdeenGroup report analyzes the strategic actions, industry capabilities, interoperability, and usage of technology enablers within the life science industries and recommends--explicitly or implicitly--paths toward improvement.

* According to the study, "169...companies identifying themselves as Life Sciences manufacturers," were analyzed during May-June 2008.

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