Happy Manufacturing Day!

On behalf of MasterControl, happy Manufacturing Day!

MFG Day is an opportunity for the next generation of manufacturers to learn about the industry.  The blog posts below offer a look at some of the most exciting trends within manufacturing. It is a fascinating field, and MasterControl is proud to collaborate with manufacturers around the world.

A Heartfelt Thank-You to Our Customers

Manufacturing is a critical part of the global community. A great example of this is the number of people coming together to address COVID-19. MasterControl feels lucky to be collaborating with many of them. Meet a few of our customers, including manufacturers, ensuring there is a steady supply of essential items like face shields and ventilators.

3 Spock Quotes for Manufacturing

On Leonard Nimoy’s birthday, we celebrated by applying Spock’s words of wisdom to the world of manufacturing. This includes a look at how manufacturing is heading toward digital solutions at warp speed and the way artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the industry.

Our Expert Weighs in on Platforms, Data and AI

Speaking of AI, we have an expert on staff. Our very own Sue Marchant explains its importance and what life sciences manufacturers can do today to prepare for tomorrow.

Digitization Enhances Rather Than Replaces Workers

As the industry moves toward digitization, some people are worried that jobs might be replaced by machines. We talked with a CEO who explained how the exact opposite is true: technology is creating better opportunities for manufacturers.

3 Trends That Can Improve Manufacturers’ Speed to Market

In the manufacturing world, it’s important to get a product to market quickly while still maintaining quality. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is staying on top of trends in technology.

We hope this blog post offers a taste of what’s possible in life sciences manufacturing. You can help improve and save lives every day! Best of luck to all (aspiring) manufacturers out there today, and we hope our paths cross soon.

For more information, explore the full list of MFG Day Events and to learn about important issues in the industry, check out the National Association of Manufacturers.

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