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    Carestream Health: Modernizing Legacy Technology to Transform Manufacturing and Quality

    Legacy technology can be a significant barrier to digital transformation. At Carestream Health, process manager Eli Tuber is leading a digital transformation of the company’s operational technology, from outdated legacy systems to modern digital platforms. The company is taking a platform approach to technology modernization, including electronic device history records (eDHRs), to transform manufacturing performance and quality.

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    4 Tech Trends to Watch in Manufacturing Device History Records

    As medical device manufacturers try to understand exactly how and where to use constantly evolving digital technologies to achieve better operational and quality results, they must keep a close eye on changes in automation and be agile to respond to these developments. Explore four trends the med device industry can expect in 2019 and beyond, particularly as they relate to manufacturers’ device history records (DHRs).

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    4 Common Pains in Managing Device History Records

    In medical device and diagnostic manufacturing, companies must keep a complete and accurate record of each product they produce in the form of a device history record (DHR). The DHR is literally the history of the device, and manufacturers in the business of medical technology face common challenges when using a paper-based or partially electronic system.

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