Web Content Management Tools

Web Based Content Management Tools for Companies Simplify Communication & Document Sharing Processes Electronically

With the advent of the Internet, the world has become a global village and many companies prefer to do business online, which means that many of their company tools need to be web based as well. Companies require web based document management solutions that can be easily accessed by users from around the world. Web content management tools are specifically used to provide website authoring, collaboration and help in the management and control of website content. The main purpose of a web content management tool is to enable users to be on the "same page" as they manage documents and allow various users to participate in the editing and collaborating process.

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MasterControl's web based content management tool is all about providing users with a platform to communicate and exchange ideas as company document collaboration and storage takes place electronically. The main idea is to keep everyone on the same page. With MasterControl's web based content management tool, all authorized users can collaborate together to build documents that correctly reflect the current standard operating procedures within the company. This functionality helps the company attain ISO certification and helps in attracting potential business.

MasterControl's Web Content Management Tools

The kind of web content management tool you opt for tells a lot about the future of your company. The market is full of web content management tools that help in usual collaboration and editing of documents. However, most of these tools may give you some benefits but MasterControl's web content management tools also provide you with a complete solution for the management of documents in accordance to rules laid out by FDA and ISO. For FDA and ISO regulated environments the type of web content management tools used to manage documents can greatly influence audit speeds, CAPA resolution speeds, customer complaints management and overall quality management.

MasterControl's web content management tools are specifically designed to cater to the growing demands of companies. The MasterControl tools can help you attain vast benefits. The management of documents in a collaborated environment in convenient timelines is one of the major factors as to why MasterControl's web content management tools are the most obvious choice for companies. The easy customization and ease in using the tools present users with the facility of performing assorted functionalities through the tools. The workflow management feature is a convenient way of guiding users through a series of tasks that they have to perform. This helps in streamlining all the processes and speeding up the tasks by aligning them in proper order.

The MasterControl web content management tools are specially designed to provide companies with the following features and benefits:

  • Abbreviates cycle time for documents (across departments) by automating routing pathways for document reviews and approvals.
  • A web content management tool provides a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop features.
  • With the MasterControl Collaboration solution, a document collaboration can be automatically launched when needed.
  • Automatically connects documents meta data with original and subsequent versions of documents and when meta data is revised documents are automatically updated with appropriate revision numbers, etc.
  • MasterControl's web content management tools provide analytics/reporting features that allow users to decrease management oversight.
  • Provides features that help streamline 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (i.e. audit trails, e-signature capabilities, reporting features, dual passwords, etc.)
  • Provides version control so that no document is altered simultaneously by varied users.
  • Provides version control so that every version of a document can be located in the order it was created.
  • Provides a status-based tracking system in MasterControl's web content management tools.
  • Web-based/solution-ready platform.

These features and more can be accessed via the MasterControl web content management tools and MasterControl Collaboration solutions.

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