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Canadian Quality Assurance (QA) & Control Standards

Canadian Quality Assurance (QA) & Control Standards as stated by the SCC

The Council of Canadian quality assurance standards (SCC), a federal Crown organization mandated to promote the country's voluntary national standards system, takes its direction from the quality management principles found in ISO 9001:2000. The Canadian quality control standards do not provide conformity assessments, rather, they accredit product and service certification bodies that conduct third-party assessments. Health Canada, the country's federal regulator for food and health products, reviews and approves medicines, medical devices, blood, biologics, and other related products before they enter the Canadian market. The Canadian QA standards are meant to support regulatory policies, ensure the safety of consumer products sold in the country, and help Canadian companies increase their competitiveness.

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Compliant - Sustained Compliance with Canadian Quality Control Standards

With different operations executing in parallel, it is difficult to maintain and monitor business operations. Since the business of many companies spans out to multiple locations, it is likely that the same procedures are executed on different sites. Moreover, culmination of a single process can require execution of different sub-processes that may run at different manufacturing locations. This calls out for some kind of a mechanism to keep a check and balance on execution of processes. Any miscalculation in processes may slow down the time it takes for a product to get to market and cause loss of capital for the company. Inevitably, lack of adherence to standards creates nonconformity which ultimately leads to noncompliance in procedures.

Canadian quality assurance standards are closely knit around the same lines as the ISO 9001:2000 regulations. According to these regulations, each company must enforce a quality management system regardless of its size and capacity for production. MasterControl’s suite of quality management products are carefully designed to meet the demanding needs of Canadian QA standards and other FDA regulations year after year, while keeping compliance costs down. MasterControl Documents ensures that each procedure is carefully drafted and available for authorized users to access through a secure online repository. This prevents employees from deviating from the actual defined course for executing procedures. Thus, MasterControl allows an unparalleled level of compliance with Canadian quality control standards.


Connected - Integrated Quality Management Suite for Compliance with Canadian Quality Control Standards

The success of any company lies in its ability to manage processes and measure quality of performance by each department within the organization. Instead of a product-centric approach, companies are now progressing toward a customer-centered approach to manufacturing. MasterControl software ensures that the demands of customers and regulatory authorities are met from the very start of research and analysis. MasterControl’s line of quality management products helps companies efficiently maintain huge amounts of required documentation so that even a small component of research is properly recorded and associated with each step of hypothesis, contributing to the bigger picture of entire analysis.

Employees all over the globe can contribute in product development and work together without any interruption in communication. This resolves the problem of disparity in processes and bridges gap between departments. In the long run, management can control business based on different locations without any difficulty. Thus, Canadian quality assurance standards are met by companies that now focus on customer satisfaction and retention from the initial conception of the product.

Apart from this, MasterControl Customer Complaints provides live feedback from customers and an interactive portal for submitting complaints and queries about any issues that vendors, customers, or employees may face. This helps in devising a means of raising an issue, escalating it to the concerned personnel, and resolving problems quickly. All these factors contribute to MasterControl being compliant with Canadian QA standards.

Complete - Enterprise-wide Product Application to Ensure Compliance with Canadian QA Standards

Each department within an organization is directly responsible for its own set of tasks. Quality assurance and control is a branch of business that is performed on the product level but also within each department. Quality in executing processes is maintained from the very start. Companies that execute quality processes more efficiently manufacture products with fewer bugs, anomalies, and issues. These quality products are then launched in the market in less time in comparison to products that are not manufactured by following quality assurance principles. In order to implement this business model within an organization, companies must enforce quality assurance and control system starting from the process level.

Once quality is achieved at the department level, it is likely that the output of each department meets a set of defined standards. This makes it easier for the next department to accept the output of the previous department as their input without making excessive changes and corrections. As a holistic approach, quality is maintained at the department level that ultimately branches out to the enterprise level. Although it may be initially difficult to implement, however, this approach can yield favorable results for any company in terms of saving time and capital and producing quality goods that are accepted in the market without any rejection. Canadian quality assurance standards encourage companies to instill quality from the very start of product visualization. Quality maintained at the department level finally seeps through the entire organization. MasterControl provides a complete quality management software solution, meeting every department's needs to ensure that Canadian quality assurance standards are enforced across the enterprise. MasterControl’s suite of applications is designed to introduce quality from the beginning of research to the very end of product shipment. Each step of product development is managed, maintained, and synchronized to ensure that the time from manufacturing to shipment is at a bare minimum. Thus, companies can be assured of beating competition by getting products to market long before the competition is even finished producing their goods.

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