MasterControl MS Word Integration™ - Microsoft Word Document Management Software Integration

Software System for Integrating Microsoft Word with MasterControl's Document Management Software Solutions

What does any office worker need? A desk, a computer and, of course, Microsoft Office®. The tools that make up the MS Office suite are mandatory for businesses around the world.

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How can the MasterControl MS Word Integration™ Software System Help You with Your Microsoft Word Document Management Needs?

Microsoft Office applications are ubiquitous and MasterControl recognizes that they can be used as windows to additional powerful applications. With the MasterControl MS Word Integration, the MasterControl document control solution can be easily accessed via a MasterControl add-on toolbar in Word 2007. MasterControl's MS Word Integration allows users to stay in the environment where they are most comfortable and where they work on a daily—if not hourly—basis. MasterControl's integration product lets users search, access, review, and collaborate on critical documents within MS Word.

Challenges with Microsoft Word Document Management Integration

MasterControl Microsoft Word Document Management Software Integration Solutions

Context Switching

For users of both MS Word and MasterControl it can be frustrating to continually have to jump from one solution to another.

Use Two Solutions as One

The MasterControl MS Word Integration allows users to utilize MS Word 2007 not only create documents but to control and manage documents in Word as well. Users can search MasterControl’s archives, create new InfoCards, attach documents as an InfoCard’s main file, place main files in a collaboration, or simply save InfoCards for future use.

Rogue Microsoft Word Documents

Users may perceive the time required to log in to MasterControl as lengthy and will often create and store documents haphazardly to avoid logging in to MasterControl. By so doing, rogue documents may be created that can result in financial or regulatory disasters.

Quick Log-in and Log-off

The seamless integration between MasterControl and MS Word 2007 merges two applications into one by streamlining processes that allow users to avoid extra steps while ensuring the proper control over critical documents.

Microsoft Word Document Integration Features and Benefits

  • Add-on Toolbar: The MasterControl MS Word Integration product provides a MasterControl Documents add-on toolbar that can be uploaded to MS Word 2007.
  • Simple Login: Users can log in to and log off the MasterControl Documents system via an icon on the add-on toolbar.
  • Streamlined Search: Users can search through MasterControl documents via a search box on the add-on toolbar.
  • Simplified InfoCard Creation: Users can create new InfoCards via the add-on toolbar.
  • Trouble-free Document Attachment: Users can attach documents as main files to their associated InfoCards via the add-on toolbar.
  • Uncomplicated Editing: Main files can be edited directly from the toolbar.
  • Easy File Retrieval/Replacement: An InfoCard can be retrieved and the main file replaced from the toolbar.
  • Straightforward Revision and Collaboration: From the toolbar, users can also begin document revisions, collaborate on documents, and submit redlined files. Lists of collaboration tasks can be readily retrieved from the My Tasks files.
  • Effortless Document Copying: Documents can be copied from MasterControl and used to create templates.