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MasterControl offers comprehensive elearning management software systems that eliminates training nuisances.

As regulations, operating procedures, and products evolve, elearning design-oriented software solutions become critical in order to keep up with changes over time.

The MasterControl Training elearning management software system has been specifically engineered to successfully manage training processes and seamlessly connect with related processes integral to compliance with strict regulatory standards.

MasterControl Training™

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eLearning Management Software from MasterControl

The MasterControl Training elearning management software solution electronically sends training tasks to appropriate personnel and stores training records in a single centralized system. MasterControl's elearning software allows managers to have comprehensive oversight of training courses and makes it possible for cross-functional teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

MasterControl's elearning software solution includes:

  • Automatically routed tasks
  • Electronically delivered notifications and automated task tracking
  • Appropriate follow up on assigned tasks
  • Dynamic capture, grouping, and linking of elearning software data
  • A secure repository where training documentation can be securely maintained
  • Online exam grading
  • Employee access to training records
  • Customizable reports

MasterControl's elearning software solution can also streamline the sequencing and completion of training curriculum enterprise-wide.

MasterControl eLearning Management Software

The MasterControl elearning management software solution offered by MasterControl Inc. allows users to electronically route, evaluate, and follow employees' training tasks. MasterControl makes it possible for personnel to fill out exams online as well has have them graded electronically. Training tasks may be automatically created and sequenced within MasterControl's centralized elearning management environment. Companies that are required to execute and record personnel training have the assurance that the MasterControl system is accurately implemented according to in-house standards and external regulations.

Features and benefits of the MasterControl Training elearning management software also include:

  • Automatic revision control that ensures that only one authorized user at a time can revise training materials
  • Unmatched analytics and reporting functionality
  • Grouping and charting of vital data
  • Capability to dynamically capture, trend, and link data
  • Group sign off capability when many employees are trained simultaneously

The MasterControl eLearning Management Systems

MasterControl's elearning management system helps companies with training needs meet and exceed regulatory standards. Training tasks are electronically delivered by MasterControl's elearning system and managers have the ability to readily view the status of current training tasks. MasterControl's elearning system also allows cross-functional teams to operate more efficiently.

A Connected eLearning Management Software

The MasterControl elearning management software guarantees that connections are maintained enterprise-wide. MasterControl links training processes with all other quality systems. Storing employee training records in a secure, central elearning system is also a tremendous benefit to organizations doing business in regulatory environments.

MasterControl's elearning management system for employee training is just one component of an integrated, user friendly suite that has been expressly designed for companies that are mandated to comply with FDA regulations and ISO quality standards. The employee elearning system application available from MasterControl is web-based so training processes are fast and cost effective.

MasterControl's elearning management software makes it possible for managers to grade exams online, develop a progressive training curriculum, sign entire groups off simultaneously, automate revision control, and access automated gap analysis. Ultimately, the MasterControl elearning system is designed to provide management with "the big picture."

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