Learning Management System (LMS)

MasterControl Provides Learning Management Software Systems (LMS) for Regulated and ISO Industries

Current FDA regulations and ISO standards require companies to comply with quality management standards. An LMS system or learning management software for training management can help companies sustain compliance, which is an important aspect of quality.

MasterControl Training™

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Ensure Compliance with a Learning Management Software System

Learning management software helps companies sustain compliance via the following connected applications.

  • MasterControl Training consists of LMS software that automates all aspects of the learning management system (LMS), including the assignment and monitoring of learning or training tasks, the grading of online exams, and the sequencing of courses (learning content management). Any change to a document or a process that requires new training activates the learning management system, which automatically sends an email for online learning management to all affected.
  • MasterControl Documents is the core application in the MasterControl suite. It automates task assignment/routing, scheduling, follow-up, tracking, escalation, review, and approval of all document and forms-based processes. In part, it is what makes the learning management system from MasterControl so effective.
  • MasterControl Process enables the system for training management or LMS to be integrated with other business processes such as change control, customer complaints, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), and audits for a completely connected approach to quality and compliance.

Benefits of Learning Management Software from MasterControl

The learning management software from MasterControl provides the following benefits:

  • Automates Training Tasks
  • Proof of Competency
  • Random Exam Questions
  • Optional Training Verification
  • Document's Effectively Tied to Training Completion
  • Timely Verification
  • Revision Control
  • Analytics and Reporting

To Learn More About Learning Management Software Systems

To learn more about learning management, and how the system from MasterControl compares to learning management software systems from other vendors, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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