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Supplier Evaluation Software System for Automating Supplier Evaluation Audits and Other Quality Processes

The impact of suppliers on the quality of products and services is critical. To ensure that suppliers are maintaining high quality standards, an integrated, efficient supplier management and tracking system must be in place. MasterControl Audit™ has been designed in accordance with FDA and EU GMP guidelines to provide customers with superior vendor/supplier management capabilities. The comprehensive supplier evaluation software system provides all the tools necessary to monitor and manage supplier qualifications, audits, corrective actions, nonconformance issues, and other supplier-related processes. MasterControl Audit helps in selecting successful partners and weeding out weak performers.

MasterControl Audit™

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Supplier Evaluation Software - MasterControl Audit: A Consolidated Platform for Sharing Ideas

Companies take advantage of several different methods to measure the efficiency of suppliers such as questionnaires, score cards, site visits, etc. All these practices have some inherent challenges that make it difficult to gauge the performance of the supply chain. For example, a site visit involves trained personnel to visit the supplier site, which is a constant source of expenditure. Therefore, the best approach is to incorporate a supplier evaluation software system that accurately measures and evaluates the supply chain and suppliers associated with the company.

It is necessary to keep accurate track of suppliers in order to improve the supply chain. It is vital to align customer and supplier business practices. With MasterControl Audit, it is possible to capture information on all suppliers and to assign a particular status/category to each so that users know exactly what each supplier is approved to supply. The capability to track vendor/supplier status - as well as the status of internal and external sites - enables a company to gather all relevant supplier information so that management can make crucial business decisions.

With MasterControl Audit, all supplier-related planning and tracking activities are recorded in a single, centralized database. The consolidated web-based platform allows suppliers to align their business activities with customer needs. This collaboration helps all parties involved share the same business ethics and standards of excellence. Since companies are also customers of suppliers, it is important to introduce business practices so that both parties are on same page regarding delivery times, standards of quality, and capability of providing less expensive goods and services quickly. With MasterControl Audit, all this is made possible by providing a unified platform consisting of all important documentation that is readily accessible by authorized users from virtually anywhere.

MasterControl Audit unites all quality programs into a single comprehensive system, enabling validation and support efforts to be shared across an organization. The supplier evaluation software system provides maximum flexibility without the need for vendor intervention, external consultants, or additional programming. MasterControl includes all the necessary tools within the standard off-the-shelf product - users decide which features to use without being required to purchase costly add-on options.

Compliant Supplier Evaluation Audit Software

Another common practice for evaluating suppliers is to gauge them against standards widely recognized across the globe. FDA and ISO are the leading regulatory authorities that have derived standards specific to different industries and their respective suppliers. These standards focus on documented procedures and verify whether or not the business practices of suppliers are in accordance with the company’s standards. Usually, management appoints specific personnel to measure the accuracy with which suppliers are aligned with the company and its requirements.

With MasterControl Audit, the entire process of evaluating suppliers against documented standards is automated. Fully compliant with U.S. 21 CFR Part 11, specific functionalities related to GLP, GCP, and GMP are also included in the standard off-the-shelf MasterControl product. The comprehensive solution is based on a flexible access security model and provides crucial compliance-oriented features such as audit trails and electronic signatures. A paperless solution, the supplier evaluation software system, MasterControl Audit, incorporates full electronic activity recording and distribution features, including response receipt and CAPA tracking. Any deviance from the documented standard is identified and reported straightaway.

MasterControl's supplier evaluation software system automates CAPA tracking which enables corrective action to take place as soon as any issue is identified. The main purpose of supplier evaluation is to improve supplier performance that is related to quality, delivery, and cost management. Most of these factors are hard to gauge. With MasterControl supplier evaluation audit software, however, follow-up activities such as supplier training and CAPA can be easily linked to supplier evaluation findings. Management can oversee and evaluate the complete picture of supplier performance and therefore make informed business decisions.

Cost Effective and Flexible Supplier Evaluation Software System

It is an obvious fact that supplier chains can be full of inefficiencies. Management can decrease these inefficiencies to some extent with better communication with suppliers. The majority of companies complain about high costs that are brought about by additional inspections, safety stocks, obsolete inventory, and extra freight charges, to name just a few factors. Implemention of a supplier evaluation software system that eliminates wasteful supply chain evaluation processes can be the solution to such challenges. An automated system like MasterControl Audit allows management to develop a profound understanding of supplier performance, business practices, and processes.

MasterControl Audit is intuitive and reduces training time, bringing a rapid return on investment at an amazingly low total cost of ownership. Staff resources are optimized by the MasterControl Audit solution's scheduling and planning tools. MasterControl Audit has core business processes available "out-of-the-box" and includes predefined workflows that users can either modify or utilize to create a completely new workflow. This means that users can easily update the system to conform with current procedures.

Business processes are pre-mapped in the standard off-the-shelf product, reducing the time needed to implement the MasterControl supplier evaluation software.

Added Features for Accommodating Supplier Evaluation Audits

MasterControl Audit comes with data trending, metrics, and compliance surveillance tools to help monitor supplier quality and compliance statuses. The solution incorporates trending/metrics data, risk assessment and root cause analysis to increase the overall effectiveness of supplier quality and compliance surveillance. Companies can plan new products and services by measuring supplier performances and setting a threshold for suppliers. Incorporating supplier input from the MasterControl system can also help companies develop products that are cost-effective and a sure success in the market.

The system's language capabilities can translate dictionary data and display system field labels in the user's local language (using either single or multi-byte characters).

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