Life science companies rely on consultants to fill any gaps in their in-house expertise in such areas as personnel training, process building, regulatory compliance, quality improvement, etc.

As life science service providers, consulting firms are always looking for ways to help their clients address these challenges: strict GxP requirements, high costs, and cutthroat competition. Like consulting firms, MasterControl is committed to helping life science companies surmount these challenges. This similarity in target market and commitment makes for a natural partnership between MasterControl and consultants.

Our Strategic Partnership Program provides an opportunity for consultants in the life science industry to work with MasterControl in achieving common goals. MasterControl's program is designed to help each organization:

  • Acquire more new customers,

  • Explore new selling opportunities to existing customers, and

  • Strengthen ties with existing clients for better customer retention.

Partner’s Role
MasterControl does not require exclusivity in any of its partnership programs.
We understand and respect that we may be one of several partnerships your company maintains. With MasterControl, each relationship is based on mutual trust, flexible participation, and the achievement of common goals. There is no requirement to specifically endorse MasterControl in any of our partner programs.

Partnership Opportunities
MasterControl partners participate in the program to the degree that best fits their needs and corporate goals. Partners have a choice of three different levels of participation, each with a set of flexible options that both promote their business and support the life science industry at large. These three levels are:

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